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This race is a feral race and akin to dragonborn, but are distinguished by mammalian bodies. (Unlike mammals (and despite what biology believes), reptiles don’t have a sex, and lay eggs from a unisex body as need requires.) They can choose any mammalian form they like.

Here's a thing that makes them totally different from any other race. These creatures are generally under the goddess and do not accumulate their personal XP, instead it goes to the goddess who gets more powerful and protects them, so they can roam

If they are mammalian-like, they should be assigned a PER score of 20. If they are dragonborn, then a CHR score of 20. [OR?] In order to maintain their perceptivity, they cannot betray their own kind (eating meat from the wild, for example). They don't have tier paths, unless they choose a class. For this service an XP fee may be charged.

For the added flexibility of this race, players should draw their body characteristics. Will they be goat bottoms and human tops? Horse bottoms and human tops (centaur)?

The 20PER score gives slight favor(?), however, so to balance this, they get lower HP (-10%) or lower CON (-1 to -3).

They are the only race that can stack attributes, like having a STR 40 if you eliminate PTY, or even a STR 80 if you eliminate CHR, PTY, and ASM (generally unneeded fey abilities). If they eliminate INT, they can't talk (a true feywild experience). CON, they are very weak, and must be handled by a caregiver. DEX, they can't avoid objects hurled at them.(?) CHR and they have no natural fey attraction. PTY/WIS and they're always a little stupid (do an INT check). STR means they cannot be struck without falling gravely ill (must take a long rest and cannot walk). ASM means they lose all magical ability and fine control. PER means they're no longer feywild. Elimination of a stat means they fail all checks on the stat.

They have a natural ability to detect whether an item is cursed or blessed and will tend to avoid or seek it.

If they get low on mana, they'll seek out protected areas to rest.

MVOETO(wizard): Some high-level wizards can conjure such races and build them into what they want. Such NPCs cost some equivalent XP, mana, or gold in weight. A wizard has to use their own mana to animate such creatures. Once conjured, the intake of breath and ingestion of food source can animate them from there.

For gender, they don't have to declare if they don't want to, but they won't have genitalia. They emerge just at the point of gender separation. Once the question is asked or (in case of a faery) a gender is believed, it sets the direction and they should stick with it, if they wish to keep their choice.

Fey should not take an occupation or class. By definition they do not act on the order of others, but stay pure, acting spontaneously. This makes fey magic unique as it comes without pre-ordered spells. Since they do not have a class, they do not level normally either. They accumulate XP "normally", but need a friend to build knowledge and power together. If that friend has a class, then their XP is simply "replicated" (duplicated). This requires continual relationship/communion/communication so consumes MANA (or takes twice the time-slots to accumulate). Their XP is actually for all fey creatures that have recieved a unique name. So all centaurs share a single XP store and grow and share from the same experience, as do all tabaxi(?), etc. The reason humanoid races are independent is a unique feature of language.

As one gains an understanding (actually more like an understanding unit, like a milestone) it builds a proto-level and can be shared with their friends with which they share a common root (or trust). These levels are determined by the Goddess or Tree Elders who get to determine when a fey creature has gained a new (unique) understanding.

DM notes:

  • fey creatures like wererats might seek cursed items that are colored with the same hue of their [dark]lord, but will avoid others, generally(?) as well as blessed items.
  • If they're in love with the goddess (male fey) they become more creative, +2CHR(?). Likewise with female fey creatures, if they're in love with the god above, +2CHR?.
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