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  • Depressed. Cannot act towards goals until hope is restored and condition is removed. Can tag along with group but their mana gets dragged, unless someone in the group "manages" the player, using a single time-slot to correct them or kick them back into service.
  • Melancholic. Listful, not sure what to do anymore, goalless. Stays put until the group fixes their condition or wears off with a little: good food, TLC, novelty of some kind (a surprise attack?), an act of physical affection (a kiss, a touch of the hand) from a significant interest. Connected to the problems encountered with existentialism (Satre, et al.)
  • Panicked. Severe anxiousness. Prone to knee-jerk responses, like hitting or attack.
  • Angry, sad, or anxious aren't heavy enough to warrant a "condition", though in theory these are low-level versions of other real conditions.
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