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Candles give a perfect addition to game nights using the brains ancient connections to scent for immersive experiences. It just takes 1 drop for some of the more putrid associations because the nose is extremely sensitive to them.

A small metal tin with cover is idea to protect the scent and protect the flame from getting too deep and choking for air. The tin can have a label giving the primary notes of scent in the candle and a map for one of the secret rooms can be printed on inside(?) of candle lid for campaign-themed candle. The candles only need to last as long as the campaign...

Three "notes" to the scent should be enough, but there must be some lighter smell to make it fun, rather than all scents being "evil-aligned".

Candle ideas:

  • Out of the Abyss (complete black): 30% brimstone (the smell of rock cracked open, may also be the same as welding smoke), 10% sulfur, smoke, and tiniest amount of cigarette ash.
  • Ravenloft (crimson with black? ): Wolfbane flower/Monk's hood (moonwind?), ghoul (graveyard dirt), crimson scent.
  • The haunted castle (Ravenloft and other castles): wood varnish, old worn curtains, wood flooring.
  • The crowded village: animal droppings, a few grains, grains, hops, dirt.
  • The arctic range: wons (the White Of New Snow essence), notably this scent is used by the System, unknowingly. (please) be aware of the scents and contemplate their origin.
  • The dungeons deep(gray): cadavarene, black mold (dampness), dampness (petrichor?), lamp oil, mouse scat?
  • The black tavern (brown?): crushed/grind leaves, leather (tanning oil), beer/hops, dirt or horse crap, beef buillion (use in small proportion like putrascene as it burns the essence of the animal, 1 cube or less for large candle).
  • The white tavern: same as above, but different proportions.
  • The creeping meadow (light green): 5 wildflowers, five-finger grass, crow's feather
  • ruins of Undermountain (hints of blue and red, gray dominant): sewage, steel, chemlab/alchemy, rock.
  • Library scriptorium: vellum, parchment, candle smoke (extra fuzzy wick?).
  • Sea-fairing: sea foam, wood and tar.

Other RPGs:

  • The morgue: cadaverene, medicine smell.

Candle idea:

  • If above-ground (good-aligned) candle design (or mostly light-side area), then combine two "light" ingrediants with one dark to create tension. Consider a forest..
  • If below ground (evil-aligned), two dark scents and one light to "find the way out". Consider dark tower or dungeon

Magiccraft of the candle. There are two primary pieces of magic in the candle:

  • Unusual scent allow the DM to dictate what is invoked by/in the players. Because their brain cannot classify the odor, it will take what is held by the DM in their collective "gestalt".
  • Subconscious scents. Scents below the threshold of their primary conwsciousness access animal or primal consciousness, like the smell of decaying matter, feces, and such. These need only be present in the minutest quantities to invoke the immersive effect. Light it after they enter the dungeon.
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