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So there are actually 8 points where power develops in the soul. More accurately, there are 3 + 3, but these stem from the root and crown of the soul (these points properly belong to the oversoul). Because the soul can construct abilities as needed, these sometimes grow their own ability scores. I have called them Assemblage (root) and Perceptivity (crown). The only abilties created by these in the soul, as known, are the ability to transmute elements (Alchemy) and non-rationality... This ability was used to create heightened awareness for the Explorer (or Ranger) class. To use these new abilities, without having gone through the Abyss to cultivate extra abilities from surviving Death, you must replace an existing D&D stat.

So, for example, a Ranger might have PER instead of WIS, a Alchemist might have ASM instead of DEX. These are the natural substitutions, so that checks that require the old skill can use the new one. A different use of PER, however, could create an INT substitute. And a different use of ASM, could create a CON substitute. This is the origin of a wizard's lesser hardiness, for example--to hold the power of the magic within the body, assembling from the root, they have to give up their CONstitution -- their mind will now be holding their power.

, 6 of these are known by D&D canon. psionics?

For the standard array (5e): STR 15, INT 14, WIS 13, DEX 12, CON 10, CHR 8.
During any given act, one of these is amplified, while another is diminished. Normal attenuation/detenuation is by a factor of 2, but potions can increase/decrease these (up to 4x). So to strike an opponent with a club, might add a STR_mod of 2, while your WIS_mod gets diminished to 0.5. The total attention and deattenuation always multiplies to 1.0. In this case 2 * 1/2 = 1. The only exception to this is if something acts on you and you can direct the energy along the pathways of this modifier.

Am learning presently that the sorcerer who came up with these original ranges (0,20] actually already factored in these modifiers. So to use them properly you have to convert to the range 0-10 by dividing by 2. This puts the standared array as:

  • STR 7.5, INT 7, WIS 6.5, DEX 6, CON 5, and CHR 4.

SELF Power = 15/10 XXX 10 is not the right divisorXXX must wait for Xenocanth...


Power is multiplicative: STR/10 * INT/10

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