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Deep Arcana[edit]

In the soul there are up to 8 centers of energy and power accumulation. Four of these represent the four values that accumulate in Man as designed from the gods. There are up to four more slots to accommodate other, diverse points of view that deviate from the will and evolution of language-enabled beings. Committed (singular-focussed) or obstinate people may only have 2 more of these slots, as they reject the diversity allowed by the gods to gain the efficiency of fewer option-paths of the mind-body complex.

The 4 dominant organize your functioning and allocation of energy in the Kreb's cycle of: memory/DNA (XP) -> power (HP) -> energy (MANA) -> action (SPEED) -> eXPerience. These four, humans/dwarves/hobbits are connected to INT, CON, _ , DEX.

If one choose an "evil" race like orc, undead race, or tiefling (the latter shouldn't be in the game), the kreb;s cycle is different: they are an undead. Their living force must come from some high-level living wizard/warlock or demigod somewhere. In the case of orcs, it was the dark wizard Sauramon. There, you don't really get XP, the power goes to your dark lord, who the allocates MANA to you downward based on trust_card values.

Two centers are affiliated eyes at the crown of the soul.and 4 subordinate traits or ability scores.

STUB Four traits are are derived by other mechanics in the soul. So, for example, CON is calculated by the esteem of other characters in the game universe. CHR derived from the opinions of the demi-gods/goddess of attra.

In elves or Ayran races, INT is a ordinate ability, yet it may be derived in humans and other races; however, WISdom is derived in the former races and is the same as INT


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