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See also Jedi which has some useable mechanics for gathering force-power.

Entrance into the Jedi kingdom

SO why do you want to contact the Jedi? The Jedi don't fight to be cool. They fight because there is a problem which threatens the health of the galaxy. The Jedi don't even get a light saber during the apprenticeship because they're too likely to use it. ...And then THEY create the problem which threatens the galaxy.

In general, you don't solicit the Jedi. You build up good virtue and karma, until the Jedi come to you. But sometimes, the Republic shows interest first. And that's cool too. The Jedi know that this is acceptible to the Force, for the building of order is part of the Force's purpose, while it is the Jedi who protect that order. This is the lesson you need to know. The Jedi are dictated by higher purposes, that not even they can counter-act lest bad luck befall them.

As a DM, any Jedi interaction will be trying to assess four things:

  • motivations of participants (what do they want?)
  • the reason the event has come to the fore (what larger forces created the dynamic)
  • weaknesses of character to be corrected (quai-gon`s contribution)
  • whether there's anything else to push into action, towards the goals set above, when nothing is otherwise significant.

Like an immune system cell, the cell has to ascertain: threat level, invader or friend. But uinlike most immune system cells, these cells are evolving the human race at-large towards the highest goals of the Force, so it seeks to fix weakness already solved within the Jedi, and push these lessor-purpose cells towards the higher purpose of the Whole.

As DM, you should try to see through the eyes of the Jedi and look at each of them in the scene as you assess them towards the four issues listed above. You look at each of them in them directly to see their character (PC), what does their clothing say about them, for example? You might mention something that they're carrying that raises a question about of the higher goals given to you from above. You might ask them "what they're doing" and "where they are going" to see if they can be of use somehow. (You might know this as the DM, but you have to help the Jedi character figure it out for your player's behalf).

deposit boxes Players can leave donations in Jedi deposit boxes that carry their special logo. This can also be used to ask questions or leave comments/information for the Jedi.

Players cannot access the Jedi directly. For one thing, DMs can't play Jedi very well. Number two, the Force must bring them together. For this, a larger game director (GM or more) must manage this. It is much like the User:Cedric/Deities and Demigods material, but all the places of the demi-gods are held by Jedi or by some force of the Dark Side, if your universe has these forces in conflict. ;)

If players do something notable in the Star Wars kingdom, the Jedi notice and feel it through their force connection. Things that contribute to the overall good, build up force points +1 that they feel. These force points are like free HP that are above and beyond their MAX_HP, which can be directed to use as they wish.

Those who go against their aims (and any aims of leaders holding power or guiding it from above), trigger or activate the game universe to move the Jedi into a direction which will resolve the question or problem set up by the act. The question is essentially: What did someone just do? They are, essentially, the immune system of the game universe.

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