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You get the nasty job of determining what is good and evil in the realm. Why is it nasty? Because, it is only as good as you are. Inevitably, you find out (along besides everybody else) your own inadequacies.

Fortunately, when you're wrong, you can use special NPCs to clean things up. Like dragons or giants to slap some people around, to show that you're trying, at least.

This is the role of the various gods: to hold the experiments of good and evil. That is, what creates and preserves order vs. what reduces order. This is the major function of the all-that-is. And it gets to hold the trust values towards all of the demi-gods for mana/time allocation in the realms. WotC should hold this level of decision-makin, having gathered all of the results of games across all tables.

Setting alignment tensors.

The allthatis that surrounds the realms is defined as a LVL1000 singular being, that is both god and goddess, holding up to 20 dimensions of alignment, but 8 will be documented here. There are four from the male side and four from the female, however these operate in different directions of the above-below axis.

  • chemical reactions
  • thought influence
  • electromagnetism (our universe)
  • space creation/sound control
  • magic (game universe)

DM economy[edit]

  • DM earn 1cp for every XP that player's get. They can keep this account from multiple game tables,
  • Earn equipment cards by buying the Gathering card packs or by competing for rare cards from the Adventurer's League.

AL Notes:

  • you can change dynamics if DMs are abusing rule 1, by handing out too much XP. Weave it into the game dynamics of good vs. evil.

DM stats[edit]

  • DMs can roll stats like players. They get to chose where there highest rolls go, but AL game masters get to counter with a different die to select
  • DMs get XP for advancing player levels(?), XP(?).
  • DMs get DAM (and other) bonuses to influence dice roles from NPCs if they are awarded such from AL and the demi-gods they represent. (There might be a rule they have to apply?)_
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