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An mysterious castle sits on a hilltop. You look around for a clue of what it's about, but all you feel is a slight breeze.

Players search around, and they only find relics of what is commonplace. One item in a desk stand out. A (letter, wand, ?)

All of their searchings yeild nothing out of the ordinary, but the one clue will lead them on an adventure around the whole realm in search of an answer.

DM notes:

  • It is a special Ravenloft. Move this material to User:Cedric/Ravenloft. Someone slaughtered STrahd and the domain went dormant. If any plauyer asks people in the realms about it, they say that some madman lived there. Some said he was a vampire, but no one believes in such things around here. They're trying to live a normal life.

AL notes:

  • The truth is Strahd is restoring himself and asleep somewhere in the realm. One rumor is that he is buried underground. Other's say that he roams as a half-canine form, eating from carcasses of the animals at night. The truth is, in order to recover, he may take the form of several creatures in the notes of Ravenloft: Frankenstein (when his heart or soul is damaged), the Joker (psionic forces used on his mind), were-wolves (the gods exert power over him), bats (the goddess saves him...), were-rats (when extreme damage has occured to his soul_. The women of the realms do strange rites, either helping the NPC...

WotC only:

  • He is in the basement of the castle, in the crypt, where if reawakened, the cycle continues.
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