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The power equation governs the effect of every use of power (force, intimidation, intelligence, cleverness, persuasion, etc.) in the game universe.

The main philosophy is two-fold:

  1. individual power: as an ability score goes towards its maximum from the specialization of the individual, a exponential benefit derives from its decreasing probability, and
  2. divine powers: these powers permeate any use of force in the universe. As the gods trust characters below, exponential benefits can be expected.

(dice or luck of the goddess)(individual)(tools)(divine)(condition)

  • Level of players
  • simplified POWER = (ability_score/10)2 or
  • POWER = goddess_trust(LVL) * (ability_score/10)(1+god_trust_of_your_ability)


  • health %-age
  • condition: exhuasted, blind, paralized
  • ability score
  • proficiency

POWER = goddess_trust(LVL) * (Ability_Score/10)^(god_trust_of_ability+1) * abilty_Score2...

the God_trust works like this: Each ability score gets a trust score from the god(s) above. The AllthatIS might trust your INT 50%, your STR 20%, and your use of WIS %40, then your exponent is


  • dice for the action
  • condition
  • weight or difficulty of use
  • possibly extra random die for the tools relationship to everything else.


  • trust score
  • alive?
  • luck from the goddess
  • the order of the universe (origin of difficulty)

  • YANG: The (god"s) affects things through the choice of what attribute to hold dominant or a race (the yin side must chose which is counter-balanced and reduced)
  • YIN: The goddess affects things through pairing which attribute is subordinate to a vocation's dominant attribute. STR is dominant say, then what is it`s companion trait. The yin (goddess?) side of the universe might make it DEX or CON or WIS, even.

Ability dubdominant Strider Paragon Legendary Epic
STR Youngling/Pixie Fighter Warrior/Neo-Warrior General/Captain Titan
CON Instigator Negotiator Leader Ambassador Sage
INT Apprentice Witch/Magician Witchelder/Wizard Mage AEthernaum
DEX Rogue Trader Craftslan Architect Master
PTY/WIS Acolyte Healer Cleric Medicant or Lightworker Angel or Demi-god
CHR Bard/Page Knight Noble/Duchess King/Queen Emperor/Empress
PER Scout Adventurer Ranger Explorer Geographer
ASM Sprite/Mixer Treefriend/Zymurgist Herbalist/Alchemist Elder/Druid Gaia/Tywn
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