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This campaign is being re-imagined somewhat, so be warned hereby.

It is rumored that if any DM should hold such a campaign book in his/her house, that the dice will subtly shift, ever so slightly, so as to always redirect the game back to the tomb of annilihation: it's center of gravity.

There is a room.


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DM notes:

  • The crystal in the center annihilates anyone who steps to close with a blast of radiant light that sheers through their clothing and armor (except mithral), and consumes their flesh. So expect a TPK, since they were warned of the danger in advance, until they really strategize. It impacts everyone which is in the light as imagined radiating form a point from it's center. Anything shadowed (like a leg behind a wall) simply falls as human meat, with a perfect line of damage through the flesh. If it falls into the light, it is consumed, however and the sphere only shuts off when there is nothign mroe to consume. It won't consume stone, fey creatures (any mammal, for example), or mithral.
  • There is a room underneath the tomb that has no known entry, yet is present on the map (presumably). It is not known the significance of the room or how to arrive there.
  • Acererak will probably try to tell your players everything that is wrong with them. PErhaps you, the DM, have had little gripes about yoru players characters. Well, this is the time to use those things. Perhaps you feel that a wizard shouldn't need armor, and leave it to fighters. Or that your thief is overburdened to be playing their character. Let them know.
  • Once players fail a saving throw of Shock upon seeing the lich figure will inherit a demi-urge or psychic connection, whereby his voice injects itself.

AL notes:

  • Yes, it seems unfair that it always leads to a TPK, but that just low-level adventuring anyway. They should have learned to be wary of prizes that are obviously highly-protected and signifying that there is a danger. Let them build new characters and set off again and let them learn from their naivete; afterall, did they really understand what a lich was anyway before they decided to try to battle it? The L&L card for this campaign expires once someone claims the card that is held by the WotC.
  • This NPC is (should be) the darkest energy of any in the whole game universe. Not even ancient dragons are this dark, because the giants balance them after the 1000years war. There is nothing (yet) that balances the arch-lich. DMs probably will not be able to DM this NPC until several "niches" of interaction occur through passive witnessing built into the dungeon universe. (these energies have links into or from Ravenloft and RoU, besides ToA).
  • There is a lore card that speaks of a hidden room and grants whoever holds the card/knowledge a keyword (or phrase) to pass through, whereby the rock turns ephemeral and a rope ladder springs down into the room (or something).

WotC notes:

  • At the center that no one has lived to tell, is a crystal--a one of a kind item. No one should know until they figure out hwo to claim it, at which point you hand them the card.
  • The arch-lich, Acererak, doesn't ever need to be faced by any player if there's a reason in the game to keep it a mystery or inaccessible. He can simply "not show up". He might be a planewalker between death and life and simply disappear out of the normal world. LVL100 NPC.
  • The lich derives from humans which are victims of sorcerers trying to steal their life force, magically. They are so abused, they turn "demonic" because their soul connection and trust of life is violated so unjustly and violently.
  • Acererak has no balancing force in the whole of the realms (except for the gods), and ultimately (as noted) will subtly shift players into its darkness (a major part of the story and challenge for the game) or force players to find a solution that balances or resolves this energy. This may take 10 years or more to unravel.
  • In the hidden antechamber below the ruins it is freezing cold. The players can see their own breath.
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