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Female Ranger class? or integrate with Vixen? CHR bard clss

Tier Path: Apprentice -> Learner -> Stalker -> Historian -> Changer -> World Transformer (OR standard Ranger tier path)

Ordinate/Subordinate abilities: PER/CHR
Lore: Stalkers began when mysterious problems occurred in the world. Their modus operandi is to master the world, without necessarily dominating it (like the leader class). They relate to the world as separate, being in it but not of it. Their ultimate aim is to be on top of the world, silently.

  • Sophist: able to change the dynamics of NPCs in dialog.
  • Inquisitor: can ask the right questons to get advanced knowledge of activity nearby.
  • Attentiveness: through PER can step out of harm`s way, gets AC without armor.
  • Extractor: Gets more MANA out of food. ~LVL% more.

XP gained by: Finding new knowledge that integrates with existing understanding. A new cave, a new magic shop, a portal to another place, etc. Accumulation of the knowledge and arcana of the realms.
Dice Mechanics: Gets dice no larger than their LVL which modify DC checks related to CHR.
Demi-God dice modifier: Demi-gods add dice, giving advantage on rolls.
PC-PC interactions and conflict: Lore comparisons. Compares their knowledge to discover who's is more solid and sound, making the total knowledge of the realm more stable.
Alignment characteristics: Evil female rangers collect knowledge to manipulate and control others, and chaotic stalkers give deliberation misinformation spreading uncertainty and doubt.
Manifest Behaviors from their Ideals: Tend to be detached towards others, gathering data. Interrogates with precision questions to fine-tune their knowledge.

Stalkers are the negotiators of the realms

Female rangers can temporarily confuse the targets of their conversation by simply holding power like an animal hunts prey. This affects the listeners intuition about reality that is used when people talk (the so-called "bullshit detector"). They roll a dice equal to their level and this becomes a modifier (DIV 5) for any DC check on persuasion.

For the DM:

  • MANA is equal to XP value from killing the animal, so that the total value of the animal's death (not including secondary benefits from tool use, like leather or something) is equal to the killing XP + the value inherent in the carcass.
  • MANA from food is increased by %LVL from listed XP on NPCs. They learn how to utilize the corpse for food better for nourishment. However, if they come from a lineage of rangers, they may already have some of the %age from their family or mentors (say 20%, for example, to start, instead of 1%). As a general rule, you can probably take 1/2 of the total level of the ranger they learned from if they completed their training.
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