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Before death, there are emergency reserves if the gods or goddesses allow for it:

  • Sacrifice bone mass (XP to HP conversion)
  • Sacrificing temporary organ structures (MANA to HP converion).

The latter is done while fighting typically to see if you have the will to continue; i.e. to see just how far you are willing to keep going.

In order for a resurrection to occur (Cleric, for example), the player must make a statement about what they got wrong about their life. The DM must accept this, playing the gods "at the gate". Depeding on the quality of lesson, they receive 1-10HP. If they repeat a mistake they say they learned, their character is over.

The Jester would like to point out, that no matter what the "officials" say, he (or she) will bargain for your life by trading equipment/gold/XP at the negotiated rate.

DM Notes:

  • The negotiated rate is presently about 5000XP per 1HP and 100gp.
  • As you can see, the gods do this "negotiation" automatically -- if they like you; ergo, the jester deals with those the gods have refused to save.

AL Note:

  • The gods sacrifice organs for mana which gets converted, affectively, to emergency HP for the PC. They do this, as is said, to see how far the PC is willing to go for their cause, for ultimately, they themselves don't know what's best in every case. Many things are about the causes of power within the language-enabled beings, and they must work out their boundaries amongst themselves. The gods, however, do place "bets" on who is more worthy, and this is the source of the extra-dimensional help.
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