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Class Selection[edit]

While the majority of people and creatures in Tirr revolve around a certain distribution of NPC and PC classes, very few of them manage any real note. Approximately 70% of the Material Plane's inhabitants are Commoner or Expert, 20% are Warriors and Adepts. 5% are Aristocrats and other NPC classes, while another 5% actually manage great feats as PC classes of merit.

Available Classes[edit]

Most classes are used from the core 3.5e rules, while very few changes have been made. The general synopsis of note is as followed:

  • All Psychic Classes must be chosen at level 1, but have no racial restrictions or class limitations. This represents the latent power of a psychic individual that is born with them. Some rare, magical or deific intervention may differ from this, but it is the exception to the rule, and therefore not listed.
  • Some classes have variant rules in play, within Tirr. Check the table below to see if your favorite class has had any alterations to fit the atmosphere and balance level of the Tirr Campaign.
  • Multiple Homebrew Classes and Prestige Classes were created and/or adopted for use in the Tirr Campaign, and therefore have had modifications and power adjustments made accordingly; Available classes and any non-root adjustments are listed in the table below.
  • The Samurai and Knight in the table below are the Races of War variations, with some modifications in some areas. Frank and K, the author of Races of War, designed these classes to be a bit more worthwhile in play than the vanilla melee classes. Some nerfs have been applied to meet the campaigns balance level, but they are the versions that have been fitted to this campaign settings.

Class Role Features Changes
Fighter Melee, Ranged, Versatile Fighters are among the more versatile of combatants, capable of using powerful combat feats, and putting themselves through intense training to prepare for any situation.
  • Changes already implemented
Cleric Multiple Roles Often acting as proxies to the gods, and even blessed by the gods themselves, these agents of divine power further the wills of their deities.
  • Variant rule for spontaneous spell casting is allowed, but optional.
Druid Divine Spellcasting, Support Wild mages who commune with nature, capable of assuming the form of beasts, and to call those beasts, themselves. Add to that divine spellcasting power, and druids are a force to be reckoned with.
  • Variant rule for spontaneous spell casting is allowed, but optional.
Monk Front, Support, Melee Warriors who have trained their bodies and disciplined their minds. Each can walk a different path, following only their own way, but each also pushes beyond their limits, perfecting the united body and mind.
  • Can be any lawful alignment.
Paladin Divine, Melee, Front Warriors blessed by their gods, Paladins pursue evil and defend the helpless, or can be exclusive to either. All Paladins do not hesitate to strike down evil oppressors, however, and wield justice in their own hands.
  • Changes already implemented
Psion Psionic, Support Psions are exceptional individuals who are marked at birth with the capability to influence the world with their minds. Feared, but also respected, these individuals find comfort and treachery in the same hand, but are valuable to all.
  • This class must be chosen at level 1
Psychic Warrior Psionic, Front Unlike their psionic brethren, Psychic Warriors often reach a plateau in their psionic abilities, allowing them just enough power to augment their abilities in combat; This creates a new breed of warrior. One who is strong, enduring, but also gifted.
  • This class must be chosen at level 1
Samurai Melee, Front Samurai are warriors of the Ashen Coast who wield perfected martial prowess with the weapons of their ancestors. With this special, precious weapon, they carve a path through hordes of enemies.
  • Changes already implemented.
Knight Melee, Front, Tank Raised under the banner of remaining honorable in both life and combat, Knights are the beacons of civility and pillars of strength. They are spawned anywhere the ideals of honor and noble fighting happen to exist.
  • Changes already implemented.
Dancer Support Dancing isn't just a profitable, soul-lifting activity. It can also crush your enemies!
  • No changes listed.
Shadowknight Divine, Evil, Melee You serve gods of chaos and evil, bringing their wishes to fruition.
  • Can be any evil.
  • The Shadowknight's Code of Conduct is somewhat more relaxed. Given the large number of Deities capable of being served, they may do as they feel necessary, so long as their actions are aligned with their deity's views/goals.
Tarot Mage Heavy Spell-casting A mystical mage who uses tarot cards to not only divine the future and mystify viewers, but to cast unique arcane spells, as well.
  • No Changes listed.

All other SRD and OGL Classes are allowed as per normal, but subject to DM discretion

Prestige Classes[edit]

Class Type Role
Elementalist Arcane Spellcasting, Elemental Spellcasters who choose to specialize in one elemental attribute over others aren't so uncommon in the world of Tirr. They exist among the usual collections of the Sorcerers and Wizards.
Arcane Engineer Skills, Arcane Spellcasting A sect of highly capable and trained artisans, centered around Godsreach, and the artificial deity Ars Machina.
Templar of Steel Melee, Heavy Armor Some individuals reject the various deities of Tirr, and unlike Kaladon, do not intend to augment themselves into something inhuman. Instead, they choose to discipline and practice, armor their bodies and sharpen their weapons, focusing entirely on martial strength to push onwards.
Savage Union Melee, Rage, Flurry An individual who has become one with the beast within, stirring themselves into a frenzy against their opponents. They feed on their fury, becoming stronger as they take damage!
Iaidoka Melee, Special Powerful warriors of the Ashen Coast who dedicate themselves to the mastery of Iaido, and eventually employ it in battle. They are quick, precise, and composed warriors, making them highly prized by lords and magistrates.
Holy Knight Melee, Divine Highly skilled and devoted warriors in service to their deities, Holy Knights draw on bestowed powers of their gods, serving far and wide under the whims of their deities.
Fell Knight Melee, Divine Spite, Malice, and Power-hungry warriors in service to their deities, Fell Knights draw on bestowed powers of their gods, serving far and wide under the whims of their deities.
Master Monk Melee, Support Highly skilled, and still constantly training, these masters of martial arts and the power known as Ki are great allies, and worse enemies. Master Monks often live in seclusion, seeking to perfect their art, and nothing more, though, they can be persuaded to leave in search of greater goals.
Dragoon Melee, Special An order of warriors in Godsreach who specialize in destroying large monsters, rather than against other infantry units.

All other SRD Prestige Classes are allowed as per normal

Racial Paragon Classes[edit]

Along with the Racial Paragon Classes supplied by Unearthed Arcana, the following Racial Paragon Classes are allowed:

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