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Organizations and their Purpose[edit]

While Tirr plays host to the various levels of individual interaction between one man or kin and another, organized groups focused around shared categories of status, trade, wealth, and even purpose are often the true face of the cultural mechanism's gears, constantly turning and involving other major parties in the world. Organizations are similar to political entities, but rather than taking defined borders and allegiances to other nations, they often are given much wider berth and freedom along their particular sphere of interest, uniting individuals from all nations and walks of life under a united interest.

Often, Organizations, along with their individual members, can be the major movers and shakers in any campaign in Tirr. After all, when one player character interacts with an individual of the organization, he effectively is providing a relationship to them all. Some are much less willing to take upon the burdens of each and every members' altercations with the occasional world-saving Dragonkin, of course, but some organizations may take slights to their name, if not their members, personally, and make it a matter of business in dealing retribution.

Thus, Organizations can play major roles in both Player and Universal interactions. The war on the other continent could possibly have repercussions to an entirely neutral and oblivious player party if an organization is involved that they're dealing with, after all.

Material Plane Organizations[edit]

Since most adventures take place on the Material plane, the following is a comprehensive list of articles on the large number of organizations to be found in Tirr's Material plane, and thus are likely to be encountered. Please note that Organizations may be affiliated with governing entities, but are entirely separate from any established authority in any region, though some may attempt to assert authority. This means that while favor is shown to some organizations, and disdain for others, no organization is an actual extension of government.

Religious Organizations[edit]

  • Tinnitus Sanctus — The greatest conglomeration of religious groups dedicated to the Pantheon of Tirr operates out of Silverfell's capital city of Goldengate. With powerful ties to the governing body of the region, they operate to further the influence of the Pantheon, while limited Aesirean worship and practices.
  • Order of the Platinum Dragon — An order of monks and ascetic priests devoted to the ideals of Bahamut, based out of a monastery located in the Forest of Forever in the Indus region.

Militant Organizations[edit]

  • Templars of Steel — Based in the Kerrigan region, this powerful order of Knights gained great fame in opposing the movements of Silverfell, defending the bridge city of Fairus from their armies in past attempts at conquering the small city. They are strictly unaligned with any and all deities, and stress the importance of mettle and steel, much like the Kaladonians before them.


  • Wayfarer's Guild — One of the greater logistics and caravanning organizations in the world, they are based in Tirasus, although they operate largely throughout the greater portion of both continents. They typically organize travel between cities for multiple groups of travelers, and provide support for such journeys, to prevent disaster from striking small parties.
  • Vault's Followers — While they are technically priests who operate in temples dedicated to Vault, they also serve as a sort of banking service, exchanging notes for currency which are redeemable at any temple to their deity, and sometimes are even accepted at face value as currency. They are found in almost every major city in Tirr.

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