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Choosing a Race[edit]

Tirr is a vast and expansive sphere of planes, and has a wide variety of creatures available to it. Since most of the adventures take place on Tirr's Material Plane, however, there is a small list of commonly occurring races on the surface that are acceptable for use as a character.

Psionic characters are not limited by race, though they are limited to the requisite that they take a psionic class at first level, or are affected by a Wish or similar spell in order to become psionically capable.

Generally speaking, in the case of alternatives, Players are forbidden from taking any races with a level adjustment of +3 or more, and using alternate races is somewhat discouraged.

Races of Tirr[edit]

Race Type Description
Humans Humanoid (Human) The most common race in the material plane. They dominate the surface with towns and cities.
Elves Humanoid (Elf) A variety of humanoid creatures, mostly integrated with human society, or in close-knit cities and burrows. Includes all notable elven subspecies, with the exception of Drow.
Half-Elves Humanoid (Human, Elf) Crossbreeds of Humans and Elves, these are often the source of many frustrations, but many gifts, as well, carrying the best of both ancestries.
Drow Humanoid (Elf) Elves who live far under the earth, in the darkened realm of the underworld of Tirr. Some venture to the surface, for one reason or another, through the former site of Godsreach.
Halflings Humanoid (Halfling) Smaller Humanoids, only standing around half the height of most humans, Halflings tend to integrate into Human settlements as guildmasters, negotiators, and even as thieves and rogues.
Gnomes Humanoid (Gnome) Gnomes generally only appear on Loupe, often in Ironhollow. Occasionally, one might see one on the road.
Half-Giant Humanoid (Human), Giant (Psionic) Large and Imposing men and women who are partially of giant descent. They wield the power of a naturally powerful psionic force.
Dwarves Humanoid (Dwarf) A race that nears extinction, the Dwarves used to occupy the mountainous areas all over the Western Continent, now their only real place is left in Ironhollow.
Catfolk Humanoid (Feline) Charismatic and Nomadic people, resembling felines in appearance and nature. Mostly found on the continent of Halimeda, some smaller, more distant tribes can be found in the Solean deserts on Loupe.
Merfolk Humanoid (Aquatic) Swimming humanoids who live in the oceans between the two Tirran Continents, but also happen to co-mingle with inhabitants of coastal cities, finding such expeditions to be quite enthralling.
Terrapin Monstrous Humanoid (Earth, Water) A humanoid race of reptilian beast-men resembling the common turtle.
Holstaurus Humanoid (Bovine), Monstrous Humanoid Ancient tribal beastmen, often bearing resemblance to bovines. They are split into two races: The fiercely isolationist Kerani, and the integrated Kaori.
Thri-Kreen Monstrous Humanoid, Vermin (Psionic) The Mantis-like humanoids who nest under the earth, Thri-Kreen are a nomadic race of naturally psionic creatures.
Genasi Outsider (Native) Descendants of Elemental Outsiders, who themselves were influenced by Aesir that fled to the Elemental planes when banished to Tirr.
Dragonkin Dragon, Monstrous Humanoid Once humans, long ago, this race evolved from extended influence from the dragon gods, Bahamut and Tiamat, and have become humanoids cousins of the True Dragons.
Naga Monstrous Humanoid (Reptilian) A group of snake-like humanoids who originate from the desert nation of Sol, resembling the Aesirean goddess Isis
Aasimar Outsider (Native, Human) Directly descended from beautiful ancestors from any of the planes, Aasimar are gifted with otherworldly charms, but rooted in good or evil is always a question to be asked.
Goblins Humanoid (Goblinoid) The lowliest of the Goblinoid races, Goblins are short in stature and status, but incredibly crafty and intelligent creatures, as well as gifted in the ways of the rogue.
Hobgoblins Humanoid(Goblinoid) An ever diverse lot, Hobgoblins are the humans of goblinoids, able to excel at generally anything, resulting in an extremely varied and capable race. In Tirr, they've generally expanded mostly underground, on both continents. Halimedan Hobgoblins often fight with Drow, however, over territory underground.
Orcs Humanoid (Orc) For the supposedly ill-reputed barbarians of the wild, Orcs are surprisingly adopted into various cultures throughout Tirr under many different roles; Some as craftsmen, others as skilled guards and warriors. Many still live as raiders, however, and this is most often in Sol and Tirasus.
Half-Orcs Humanoid (Human, Orc) The descendants of rare pairings between Humans and Orcs, these often forsaken children are the bearers of an elite race. More powerful than any human, and more intelligent than any orc, these hated half-breeds are kept down only by their shunned heritage.
Tieflings Outsider(Native, Human) Tainted blood runs through the veins of the Tiefling, a product of a lucky, or unlucky, human ancestor who managed to come away from a mating with a fiend, alive. This connection to the darkness of the lower planes gives other races a reason to keep Tieflings in check.

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