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The various worlds in the universe of Tirr have had eons of progress occur within them, though some of it has happened within timeless realms, such as the Deific Sphere, and therefore may seem as though they were instantaneous. This is especially true regarding the time directly before the 1st Era, which is commonly referred to as the Age of Myths. Eras are typically separated by

The influence of time appears to affect in different capacities from plane to plane, often progressing slower or faster, or stopping altogether. Therefore, it is necessary to document the histories of different planes separately, though a comprehensive listing can be made with heavy calculation.

Players must keep in mind that, traditionally, the events of the 1st Era and earlier are considered to be before written history, and therefore most is passed down in folklore or with the sole authority of deities. In some cases, knowledge of past events, even those of the Primal Era, can be determined using Divination, but that is usually uncommon knowledge, and even scholars fiercely debate the traditional views versus new knowledge.

Material Plane[edit]

The condensed history of all time in the Material Plane, where most mortal races live, and often the center stage to most cataclysms and mythological disasters, given that the Material Plane holds the heart of Varglokirr's seal within it.

1st Era - "The Primal Age" yr. 1 - 1131
Year Event
  • Sometime during the great Aesirean War, Tiamat convinces Bahamut to spawn 3 demigod dragons, under the pretenses that they will serve and inherit his will. These three dragon-gods, Sot, Sadon, Ved, did serve Bahamut faithfully. Tiamat later convinces them in secret to sire their own offspring, however, which leads to one of the first advanced mortal species: Modern Dragons.
  • Tiamat supports the opposing deities against Bahamut, secretly weakening or poisoning him before major battles, or refusing to support him in battle. While Bahamut has his suspicions, he does not act on them.
  • Alcyone seeks seclusion from the rest of the Aesir, removing herself from the conflict and generally becoming unreachable. Fir and Isis follow suit, but the latter is generally easily found.
  • Traditional accounts hold that the Aesirean War ended with the surrender of Proditor and the betrayal of Vok, who had been allied with the former before he bargained with Bahamut to betray Proditor. The terms of their deal allowed Vok the right to shape a small region of Tirr to his liking, and that he would reign over the Elemental Plane of Fire undisputed. In return, he would assist Bahamut when asked, and never again perform unprovoked evil.
  • Informed of Tiamat's treachery by Vok, Bahamut is furious, and rebukes her, but stops short of engaging her in hostilities. Tiamat's historical grudge with Vok begins.
  • The first signs of primitive, but intelligent mortal races are observed, largely on the Loupean continent, but also on the Halimedan continent. They are weak and animalistic, but their presence intrigues some of the Aesir, while annoying others.
  • Bahamut first discovers his descendants, the Dragons. In discovering what Tiamat had done, he becomes even more furious, noting their lack of divinity and some of the lesser or more evil distinctions in them.
  • Following the appearance of intelligent life, Mana begins researching the source of the life, considering the comparative lack of the primal Three Elements in the Material Sphere's environment, as opposed to the divine realm. She maintains contact with a number of Pantheon deities for this purpose, especially Fate.
  • A relatively quiet and undocumented century, especially so, considering the powerful entities abound at this time. According to the Aesir who have commented on the matter, along with the efforts of various seers, this is due to Proditor, a chief adversary to both Bahamut and the Pantheon, fleeing to the lower planes to bide his strength.
  • Increases in population of intelligent life are discovered, though often at the mercy of primordial entities from other planes, Dragons and the Aesir. The first postulate by Mana appears to be that the residual Life in the sphere is being affected by the remaining traces of Varglokirr, as well as the Aesir, themselves.
  • The underworld, commonly referred to as Underdark in modern times, comes into existence as Macha begins digging, creating tunnel after tunnel, even throughout pre-existing caverns of her design. She would also create the Goblinoid races, such as the Goblin and Bugbear with the interest of having them harass the ever-growing population of sentients on the surface. This sparks some conflict with Alcyone, considering that the largest magnitude of the tunnels were underneath Halimeda.
  • A small skirmish breaks out between Munsa and Somata, the deities who govern the storm and wind, respectively, over the proper role each of them should play in the world, with both coveting the role of governing the climate as a whole. The skirmish only stopped when Undine demanded that they cease fighting, or she'd never allow the oceans to source rain and storm for either deity. With commentary from Bahamut and Mana, Munsa is given the role of presiding over rain and storm, while Somata is given the role of guiding the wind across the world. He occasionally covets Munsa's role, however, and swears to use his wind to blow her storms awry.
  • Several of the Aesir begin cultivating their own home regions for themselves, and in some cases, for their various worshipers. This includes Isis, whom during this time creates the region of Sol in order to protect the various tribes of mortals who had come to depend on her.
2nd Era - "The Aesirean Era" yr. 1132 - 3704
Year Event
1132 Nations begin to appear under guidance of the Aesir. Sol formally emerges as a nation, uniting the various tribes of the region as Isis falls into slumber to conserve her divinity.
  • The Isle of Megiddo and the Wraithspire upon it appears for the first time in the southern seas. The isle is immediately surrounded in a supermassive typhoon that prevents any and all travel to the tower, even by the strongest of ships and creatures.
  • Proditor stops answering summons, granting spells and abilities, or communing with followers; His cults break up over the next century or so, though some diehards remain.
3rd Era - "After Starfall" yr. 3705 - 3945
Year Event
4th Era - "The Kaladonian Age" yr. 3946 - 5003
Year Event
  • Kaladon, the capital city of the Kaladonian Empire, is suddenly destroyed in a bright pillar of light. The sudden vacuum of power and authority due to the capital's destruction, and the lack of any information regarding what destroyed it, ultimately leads to the collapse of the Empire in the coming months. Cities operate as independent city-states still loyal to the empire for some time, trying to repel invaders from Silverfell and Lionel.
5th Era - "The Heroic Ages" yr. 5004 - 7863
Year Event
6th Era - "Meridian Reign" yr. 7864 - 8322
Year Event
7th Era - "The Common Era" yr. 8323 - Current
Year Event

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