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Greater Deities
Name Alignment Portfolio Domains Plane
Abrazim Neutral Knowledge, Engineering, Artisans, Learning, Cities N/A None
Academia Lawful Good Knowledge, magic, male platonians, scholars, universities, wizards Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Mind Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
Acheron Neutral Evil Despair, Insanity, Terror, Death. Madness, Despair The Conquest of Death
Adonai Lawful Good Life the Universe and Everything Any (non-evil) The Kingdom of Heaven (Domain), The Outlands
Aesur LG The Sun, The Sky, Fire, Humans, Victory, Air, Fire, Good, Law, Strength, Sun, War The Heavens
Aetas Neutral Time, Space, Travel, and Existence Artifice, Creation, Time Warp, and Travel All and None, he exists in all times and everywhere at once
Agamos N Death and Destruction Death, Destruction, Pestilence, War Outer Plane of Heaven
Akanay Chaotic Good Sea, Storms, Good, Freedom, Strength Chaos, Strength, Travel, Water Elysium
Alon Lawful Good Justice, birth, war, weather, laws Community, Creation, Glory, Good, Law, Sun, War, Weather Ascencia
Amun-ra Lawful Neutral Order, the Sun, Rebirth, Royalty, The Nile, the Gods Sun, Order, Light The Sun
Apollo Neutral Good Light, Creation, Beauty, Music, Precious metals Creation, Knowledge, Healing, Sun Murcuria, Mount Celestia
Aqualira Chaotic Neutral Water, Weather, Chaos Water Valgora
Ar'ath-Zilth Neutral Good Magic, Nature, The Ar'terrci, Fellowship Nature, Magic, Dragons Elysium
Asenrir Neutral Good Anthromals, love, birth, longevity, friendship, mercy, animals, happiness, renewal, peace. Animal, Community, Good, Healing, and Protection The Beastlands
Asgard NE Winter, Ice, Cold, Undead, Magic, Frost Giants, White Dragons Evill, Cold, Winter, Magic, Undead The Frozen Realm
Aslan Lawful Good (with chaotic good tendancies) talking animals, fantastic creatures, virtue, repentance, spring animal, good, healing, knowledge, law, liberation, protection Aslan's Country
Astar (3.5 Deity)
Aururmar Chaotic Neutral The Seas Air, Luck, and Water Atlantia
Avo Lawful Good He generally oversees honor and good. Law, Good, Honor, Valor, Healing The Plane of Valor
Azure CG Passion and Caring, as well as seeing over the heavens. Good, Chaos, Healing The Heavens
Aëlalás Chaotic Good Nature, Plants, Animals and Elves. Animal, Chaos, Earth, Good, Healing,Magic, Plant, Protection and


The Feywild
Bob God of Randomness Chaotic Bob watches over the entire existence of everything to see if any one being exhibits his level of random Not Available Randomonia Plane
Bodhi Lawful Neutral Discipline, Monks, those seeking attainment Law, War, Strength, Knowledge Neutral
Boosh Chaotic Neutral Pleasure, Deception, Laughter Madness, Chaos Fiddler's Green
Brantak Lawful Neutral Honor and Grace Charm, Law, Liberation, Nobility, Protection, Repose, Strength, War Far Plane
Burnsider Lawful Evil Sunlight, Pain from Sunlight, death from sunlight, natural phenomenon (the sun, geysers, the tide) used as torture. Death, Evil, Fire, Sun Prime Material
Cannagundae Chaotic Neutral God of Carvers and War War, Chaos, Nature, and Community. The Fields of Honor
Ceiling Cat Chaotic Good Cats, Cheeseburgers, People who are Masturbating Animal, Good, Chaos, Trickery Blessed Fields of Elysium
Ceiling wolfie chaotic good pastries, bakeries, silliness, randomness, good food, and bacon luck, trickery, creation, good, travel elemental plane of waffles
Cerberus Chaotic Neutral Half-Orcs, Barbarians, Power, Battle Strength Ysgard
Charmeine Lawful Good Healing, Life, Love, and Family. Good, Law, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Community, Creation Elysium (Amoria)
Chufen Lawful Good Justice, runes, war Rune, War, Law Behesht
Conni III
Conni II
Conni I
Crom True Neutral War,Courage,Birth,Strenght,Nature. Glory,Strenght,War Ben Morgh
Crotoan, the Lachryos Chaotic Evil Destruction of Good War, Death, Destruction, Chaos, Evil, Trickery Materiel Plane, though he is banished to the Nonessence Plane
Darshul Chaotic Evil War, Pain, Pleasure Strength Valgora
Dawn Stealer
Debsoiip Lawful Neutral Death, Rebirth, Cracked Shells, Afterlife, Decomposed Insects Death, Healing, Protection, Community Elemental Plane of Earth
Dipsodia Lawful Good Creation, Guardians, Time, Homes Earth, Protection, Travel, War Elemental Plane of Earth
Dracon Saur'hon
Dragon King
Dratoc Chaotic Evil Choices, Change, and Fate Chaos, Madness, Mind Ynado, Dratoc's personal plane
Eldrith Lawful Good then Lawful Evil Evil, Cruel, Arrogant Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Death, Vengeance Prime Material Plane, Plane of Shadow, All Elemental Planes
Eliphas Lawful Evil Religion, Worship, Devotion, Fear Evil, Darkness, Death, Fire, Law The Nine Hells of Baator
Empream Neutral Good Empream is the Father God of all Magick within the universe , Empream was trusted by the Creator Gods to be the Guardian of all Magick Magic
Empress Sinestra
Erda True Neutral The Earth, Nature, the Natural Balance Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Animal, Healing, Strength Outlands
Evaldir Chaotic Good. Vampires dying, The Decree fighting, fighting blind or in total darkness. Death, Chaos, Travel, War. Prime Material.
Faunt Chaotic Good Theft, Rogues, Gold, Stealth, Slum Folk. Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery Ulen
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Gadriel Lawful Good Fortress Celestia, guards, defenders, archons, paladins. Glory, Good, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Strength, War Land of Justice, Fortress Celestia
Gaia, Mother of the Earth True neutral Nature Nature, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Animal, Plant The Outlands
Garrakg, Orcish Chef God
Giraldo Neutral Water, Rivers, Secrets, Oceans N/A Plane of Water
Glo-Gleb lawful evil dark humans, destuction and death law, evil, death, destuction, fire. fire
Godness of Mana
Gork CE Brutality and fighting War, Chaos, Evil, Strength The Great Green
Grand Bahamut Chaotic Justice Balance of creation All excluding destroying, corruption, and dominationg. Madri
Great Mother
Grendale Chaotic Neutral Fire, Weather, Chaos Fire Valgora
Grininthar Chaotic Neutral Lightning, Storms, Volta Plant, Storms, Electricty, Chaos The Eternal Storm
Grkafsldewa Neutral Evil at its worst Atrocity, Torment, Vileness, Sadism Evil, Torture*, Destruction, Pain (BoVD), Harming* Torquo Dolentissime
Grond Koour
Guthix True Neutral Balance Plant, Animal, Earth, Fire, Air, Water Material Plane
Hal Chaotic Good Humor, Wit, Luck, Chivalry N/A None
Heart Simon
Hemor Chaotic Evil Blood letting, blood wasting, vampire spawns, vampire barbarians, defiance, murders Chaos, Death, Strength, War Prime Material
Hillwere Chaotic Neutral Animals, Monsters, Hunting, Life, Death Healing, Death, Animal Ulen
Horanus Lawful Neutral Hidden knowledge, magic, psionics, hidden things, scholars and knowledge in general. Magic (found in Spell Compedium), Time, Artifice, Creation, Law The Infinite Library
Hroth, the God of Winter
Itemean'p Neutral Evil War and devastion, but especially War Crimes and Genocide War, Destruction, Strength, Evil, Wrath* Leads a great war of conquest in the Lower Planes
Jasmira Chaotic Neutral Beauty, Vanity, Lies, Discord N/A None
Kalak Lawful Evil Revolutions, Spite, War, Collapsed Tunnels, Darkness Earth, Evil, Fire, Nobility, War Elemental Plane of Fire
Kelmi Lawful Neutral Discipline, heirarchy, training, control, imprisonment, subjugation, leadership, subservience Artifice Domain, Community Domain, Earth Domain, Law Domain, Nobility Domain, Protection Domain The Overspace
Khane Chaotic good War, warriors, battles, conquest Chaos, War, Glory, Destruction Asgard
Khorne Chaotic Evil Hate, War, Violence, Killing Chaos, Destruction, Hatred, Strength, War, Wrath (Note that some of these domains are only found in the Appendix of the Spell Compendium) The Warp
Khronos True Neutral All life; time ??
Kinanjar Lawful Evil The Nine, sin, power, tyranny, contracts; devils and other infernal beings Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, War The Nine, Barrens of Evil
Kirroth, the God of Summer
Kithu Neutral Good Creation, Life, Fertilisation Creation, Nobility, Protection Astral Sea
Kolec Lawful Good Wisdom, Good, Protection, Justice N/A None
Kommar Neutral Good Joy, pleasure, freedom, accomplishment, humility, selflessness, steadfastness, chastity Good Domain, Healing Domain, Protection Domain, Sun Domain The Finite Subspace
Kournos (4e Deity) Neutral God of the wild; Plant, Earth, Animal Siluria
Kovas the Blade Chaotic Neutral The battlefield and all that it encompasses Death, War, Strength, Chaos Hurtung
Kwhal Chaotic Good Fighters who use blades, dead hero's, arena's. Impowerment, healing Material
Lady of Light (4e Deity) Lawful Good Goddess of industry, learning, initiative; helped create Aegir; creator of humans Law, Creation, Good, Knowledge, Sun, Water Threysos
Lakning Lawful Neutral Magic, medicine, agriculture, community Magic, Healing, Community Shekastkoré
Lask Lawful Evil Fate, Destruction, Evil, Disease, Suffering Pestilence, Evil, Destruction Plane of Acid
Legolad Lightstrider Lawfull Good Holiness, The Light, Retribution Good, Light Enlightium
Libros Neutral Good Good, Knowledge, Law, Books Knowledge, Good, Law, Chaos Plane of Knowledge
Lile Squareknot
Liliana, the Goddess of Spring
Lord Boccob
Lord Cirth
Lord Eiji CN Eijilund Plushies, Sun, Fire, Explosions, Candy, Inspiration, Madness Chaos, Fire, Sun, Madness, Construct, Dementation, Plushie Eijilund Material Plane/Godspace
Lord Gomegron
Lord of the Land (4e Deity) Good God of nature and peace; helped create Aegir; creator of the fey Creation, Good, Plant, Earth, Animal Threysos
Lough Neutral Nature, flowers, trees, herbs Plants, Healing Ulenyi
Lucifer, the pit fiend Lawful Evil War. Destruction. Destruction, Evil, Fire, Law, War The Underworld
Lucifer Neutral Evil Light (before his defeat), Darkness (after his defeat), Creation, Destruction (before his defeat), Decay (after his defeat), Death, Power, Magic, Knowledge Creation, Death, Repose, Magic, Knowledge Chamada, Gehenna
Luka True Neutral Life and light ??
Lynetra Neutral Death, Harvest, Balance, Time Death, Harvest, Balance, Time None
Mabdig (4e Deity) Unaligned God of travel, luck, and diplomacy; creator of halflings and goblins Charm, Luck, Travel, Trickery Threysos
Machidiel Lawful Good Justice, Bravery, Honor, Paladins Good, Law, Strength, Sun, Community, Nobility, Glory Celestia (Mertion)
Mairie True Neutral War, Protection and Knowledge War, Knowledge, Protection, Travel, Healing, Justice <!< home plane >>
Meeric Chaotic Evil Illusions, Shadow, Thieves, Tricks N/A Plane of Shadow
Miflorg Chaotic Neutral Connection, Recovering what has been lost, Liberating those enslaved, Revolt, Combat, Burning things for no reason, Fateful Poetry War, Fire, Healing, Liberation Tway'Remsnin (as are the other members of the Drake Pantheon)
Mikel Chaotic Neutral Disorder, anarchy, self-reliance, neglect, freedom, liberation, poor leadership, insubordination The Overspace
Mok'Ram Neutral Evil Fear, torture, capture, ambition, greed, selfishness, temptation, seduction Charm Domain, Darkness Domain, Evil Domain, Madness Domain, Trickery Domain, War Domain The Finite Subspace
Mollarok Lawful Neutral Law, Justice, War Law Valgora
Mork Chaotic Neutral War, Battle, Brutality and Fighting War, Strength, Chaos, Destruction, Orc The Great Green (Which is Greener than Gorks)
Morker Lawful Evil Night, runes, conquest Rune, War, Darkness Gabrest
Morocco Lawful Good Earth, Weather, Law Earth Valgora
Muertix Evil. Has a Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic Aspect. Muertix watches over all those who are shunned for practicing Necromancy. Death, War Hollow Dark
Notte Lawful Good Night, Moon, Shadows, Darkness Air, Darkness, Trickery, and Shadow. The Eternal Night
Nurgle Chaotic Evil Disease, Death, Destruction Death, Evil, Chaos, Destruction, Pestilence, Suffering (the latter is found in the Spell Compendium) The Warp
Nyx Chaotic Neutral Night, Moon, Dreams Chaos, Knowledge, Mind, Darkness Pandemonium
Olu Lawful Neutral Cold, Winter, Death, Sleep N/A Lake of Souls
One-Eye Jack
Perandor Chaotic Neutral Magic, War, Power, Necromancy Spell, Deathbound, War, Magic Shadowrealms of Living Spells
Quintessa Chaotic Evil Beauty, destruction, envy, magic, supreme, vanity Charm, Desire, Destruction, Fire, Magic Rosslyn Glæn
Red Lady of War
Rendisha True Neutral Air, Weather, Law Air Valgora
Saera'Ghul Lawful Good/Chaotic Evil Law, Protection, Destruction, Corruption Death, Destruction, Healing, Protection Material Plane
Sansiwal Neutral Good Ice, walruses, water, walruses, arctic animals, walruses Water, Animal, Good, Healing, Luck, Protection The dimension of Artica
Santana Chaotic Neutral Combat, Combat Death, Hunting, Independence, Weapons, Bones War, Liberation, Death Khalas, Gehenna
Saradomin Neutral Good Light, Virtue, Peace Good, Protection, Healing Realm of Gods
Satan Lawful Evil He oversees all and despises those of good alignments Destruction, evil, chaos, war, darkness, strength Nine hells (outcast)
Seaganatin Shynn
Seir Chaotic Good Freedom, Safe Travel, Confidence, Noble Bandits Good, Chaos, Air, Travel, Liberation, Renewal* Bytopia (Shurrock)
Sephiroth Chaotic Evil Hatred, Chaos, Annihilation Chaos, Destruction. The Material Plane.
Serune the Senile Chaotic Good Good warlocks, bags of holding, Half-elves, senility Half-elf, Chaotic domain, good domain, and travel. Celestia
Servomnis Chaotic Good Retribution, altruism, protection, social justice. Retribution, Good, Protection, Healing
Set Neutral Evil Dark Arts, Murder, Terror, Tiranny, Snakes. Darkness, Evil, Magic, Animal Unknown
Shabekhi Chaotic Good Seasons, Weather, Harvests, Foresight and Elves Weather, Mind, Healing, Oracle, Death, Magic, Plants, and Animals Feywild
Shemanshi LE Death, Sadness Evil, Death, Destruction The Gray Wastes of Hades
Shemenshi LE Death, pain, and fear Death, Destruction The Gray Wastes of Hades
Shiles Chaotic Neutral Fire, Rebirth, Drought, Deserts N/A Plane of Fire
Silvest CG Luck, Intelect, Valor, Battle Strength, Luck, Good Positive Energy Plane
Sophotherion True Neutral Eternity, Scholarship, Fascination, Biology, Research without biases Animal, Knowledge, Mind, Time, Magic (and other domains that seem fitting) The Great Catacomb-Libraries
Sraosha Lawful Evil Oppression, Cruelty, Loyalty, Tyrants Evil, Law, Destruction, Strength, Nobility, Domination, Tyranny Baator (Dis)
Steelo X
Tempus Chaotic Neutral War, Battle Protection Domain, Strength Domain, War Domain Warrior's Rest
Terreia true neutral nature, animals, earth. neutrality, sancuary Rubyspire Vale
The Fallen King chaotic evil Destruction, Death Destruction, Death, Slaughter, Vengence Nine Hells of Baator
The Lady
The Machine-God Lawful Neutral Knowledge, technology, progress, fate, mathematics. Knowledge, Law, Artifice, Creation Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus
The Nihilith Not Applicable Contradiction, Nothingness, Paradoxes Liberation, Luck, Madness, Naught, Trickery Not Applicable
The Oversoul
The Shadow
Tigron Lawful Neutral Strength, Law, War, Honor, Discipline N/A None
Tileria Chaotic Neutral Air, Sky, Rain, Storms, Travel Plane of Air
Tritizina, the Goddess of Fall
Twyla Lawful Evil Death, Life, Darkness, Death, Force Darkness, Destruction, Death, Force, Life The Void
Tzakarath Lawful Evil Planning, scheming, intrigue, entropy, madness Law, Evil, Darkness, Entropy, Planning, Trickery The Inevitable City
Tzeentch Chaotic Neutral Hope, Change, Scheming, Manipulation, Power, Sorcery Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Planning, Trickery

(Some of these domains are found in the Spell Compendium)

The Warp
Valkek Lawful Evil Vampiric reproduction, Families, Empires Death, Evil, Law, Protection Negative Energy Plane
Vameril Neutral Evil Death, Destruction, War, Famin Death, Destruction, Evil None
Van roth
Viyari Neutral Good Day, Light, Life, Healing Healing, Protection, Luck Plane of Light
Volcan the destroyer
Volgan Neutral Evil Night, Darkness, Necromancy, Undead N/A The Plane of Shadow
Vulkan He'stan Lawful Neutral Honor, Duty, Glory, War, Protection, Fire, Smithworks War, Protection, Fire, Glory Nocturne, plane of smiths and forges
Whisperer in the Darkness
Xemus Neutral Good Crafting, Blacksmithing, War Artifice, Creation, Good, Fire, Rune, War Hephaestian plane, Vulgo Vulcani
Xom True Chaos Chaotic Chaos Ever changing plane of chaos
Xyz Lawful Neutral Fate, Balance, Omniscience, Time and Space, Psionics Fate, Knowledge, Artifice, Mechanus Redoubt of the Omniscient (demi-plane)
Yomai Lawful Neutral The nocturnal Moon, Night Material Plane
Ysarlix Neutral Earth, Nature, Plant, Animal N/A Plane of Earth
Zalgo Chaotic Evil Chaos, Torture, Evil, Chaos, Evil,
Zanaxes Chaotic Good moon, fire, Nystagians, fighting spirit, courage good, chaos, stealth, peace, music, moon light, elves, dragons. Chaos, Good, Luck, Travel, Trickery Plane Of Two Worlds
Zendra Any Evil Time, Darkness Darkness, Longevity, Time, Infinity, Patience, Death, Beauty, Evil Zen
Zuul Traab
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