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Greater Deity
Symbol: A white flame (before his defeat); A yellow flame (after his defeat)
Home Plane: Chamada, Gehenna
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Light (before his defeat), Darkness (after his defeat), Creation, Destruction (before his defeat), Decay (after his defeat), Death, Power, Magic, Knowledge
Clergy Alignments: usually CE, NE, LE; less often CN, TN
Domains: Creation, Death, Repose, Magic, Knowledge
Favored Weapon: None
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Lucifer was the first-born and most powerful of the high archangels spawned by Yulia. Many mortals have conflated Lucifer with Satan. Lucifer was originally a great servant of righteousness. Because Lucifer was so righteous, Yulia allowed him to suckle her breasts more and more, which made Lucifer more and more powerful. He gained such power that he became an overdeity.

Lucifer was a handsome being, with wavy shoulder-length light brown hair and tanned skin. His irises were of a green-tinged light brown color, and glistened like crystal. As is common in archangels, he had 2 large wings attached to his back. His wings had white feathers. Lucifer wore only a very loosely wrapped white cloth sheet.

Eventually, Lucifer came to revel in his great power, and became corrupted by it. As far as evil characters go, Lucifer is unusual in that his evil comes not from an evil nature, but from the way that his great power warped his mind. Lucifer turned rogue, and used the material plane as fodder for exercising his great power. He viewed the lives of all mortals as worthless ants, and killed millions of them during his reign.

Lucifer usually did not fight with weapons, but he hardly needed to. Lucifer typically dealt with enemies with his white light attack, which consists of an enormous number of photons, like those released from a nuclear bomb. Lucifer could customize the power of his white light attack, ranging it's power from infinitesimal to extremely powerful. The white light attack was sufficiently powerful to quickly melt or vaporize most enemies. Lucifer could emanate powerful white light from any part on his body, but his most powerful white light attacks only emanated from the palm of his hand. In cases where an enemy actually managed to anger Lucifer however, he would not simply burn them away with the white light attack, but would subject them to horrific torment and disfigurement.

Lucifer's reign of terror was brought to an end when the archangel Athena requested that Yulia enchant her curved and serrated dagger with great power. The dagger was enchanted with the power to damage the spirit along with the flesh. When Lucifer was raping Athena, she pulled out the concealed dagger and severed Lucifer's penis at it's base. Not only was Lucifer's penis severed in both flesh and spirit, but the decapitation destroyed Lucifer's spiritual integrity, which caused major rifts of scarring and burning damage throughout his body, and destroyed much of his angelic power. As Lucifer writhed in pain, Athena cast him out of the angelic realm. Lucifer was naked when he was cast out, having been in the process of rape.

The rifts of damage throughout Lucifer's body had created meandering lines of visible dark red-and-black scarring throughout his flesh. His irises became red as a consequence of internal bleeding. His hair follicles were damaged, causing his current hair to fall out, and causing his new hair to be rougher and duller in hue. Having lost his connections to the angelic, Lucifer's white feathers which were symbolic of good now fell out, and the new feathers which grew in were black.

After having been cast out of the realm of angels, Lucifer established his lair in an underground cavern in Gehenna.

Although Lucifer was defeated and lost much of his power, he was still the most powerful of the high archangels (though by a comparatively small margin), and he came to attract followers among the beings in the material plane. Lucifer, having lost the white cloth sheet which he had used as clothing, made a new cloth sheet, this one black, which he likewise wrapped around himself loosely, though not as loosely as he had wrapped his previous cloth. Unlike his previous cloth, he used this one to cover most of his body, including having part of it hang above his face as a hood, to shadow his scarred face.

Since Lucifer's white light attack had lost most of it's power, Lucifer sought to develop new powerful attacks. He developed his ability to cause decay in other beings and objects, and this became his most powerful attack, particularly when emanated from the palm of his hand (akin to his white light attack).


Lucifer teaches:
"Power and personal greatness and the pleasure thereof are the only things worth living for. Everything else in life is meaningless and worthless. Beings other than oneself exist only to be subjected to whatever oneself wills."

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The clerics of Lucifer gain power from Lucifer himself, and this power has a corrupting effect on the mind. The more power the clerics get from Lucifer, the more warped and evil their minds become. Since this power turns beings evil, it is most often sought by beings who are already evil, although some neutral-aligned beings seek the power of Lucifer as well, for the sheer sake of power. Some of such neutral-aligned being have consequently been corrupted by the power of Lucifer and turned evil.

The clergy of Lucifer are widely hated. Even many evil-aligned beings hate the clerics of Lucifer, believing them to have too much power. Therefore many clerics of Lucifer are closet members. In imitation of Lucifer, the clerics of Lucifer wear loose black robes. In imitation of Lucifer, the clerics of Lucifer are always seeking greater power. At one time, some of Lucifer's most zealous male followers cut off their own penises so as to more closely resemble Lucifer, but that behavior stopped when Lucifer told his followers not to do so.

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