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Greater Deity
Symbol: (1.A skull with a rainbow on it 2.a man holding a wheat 3.a green and black 7 headed hydra 4.a scale heavily unbalanced.)
Home Plane: Ever changing plane of chaos
Alignment: True Chaos
Portfolio: Chaotic
Clergy Alignments: {{{calign}}}
Domains: Chaos
Favored Weapon: (1.Mace 2.Bow 3.Sword 4.Axe)
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More information...

Xom is the God of Chaos. He has playthings instead of servants, and has a laundry list of possible actions every so often; good, bad and neutral. Xom expects you to keep him amused, and on average rewards hansomely with permanent demon pets, randart jewelry, excellent mutation sets, and other perks; but he has many short-term punishments that you must be able to endure if you wish to live to reap the benefits. Xom does not use piety in the conventional manner; instead he has an attitude and an interest level. He is truly chaotic both punishing and rewarding those who worship him.


Xom encourages true chaos. Xom discourages True chaos.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clergy of Xom are commonly crazed mad men or Chaos Knights

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