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The world of Tirr utilizes a unique make-up in it's composition, though generally only in that it divides the world further into Spheres; Universal apportionment that contain planes of reality within them, but are separate enough to provide dimensional barriers to ensure they never cross or are related.


Deific Sphere[edit]

The Deific Sphere is so called because it is where the Gods sprang to life. The Sphere is expansive, and the parental sphere of all others, encompassing the upper-most tier of reality, and holding all other Spheres within it, creating a paradoxical relationship in that the Spheres remain separate, and yet the Sphere still contains all others. The realm is bathed in an ambiguous energy, neither positive nor negative, often called the blood of creation by those who know of it, being that this energy is ultimately malleable and infinite, allowing for such things as deities to exist. All forces in all spheres and realities are derived from this source, and this power is what fuels a deities existence, as well, besides attunement to other, lesser forces.

Fate is the only deity that can currently access the upper-most tier of the Deific Sphere, having barred entrance to the sphere when the Genesis Oath was made. Most deities are found within a lower tier of the Sphere, without the same level of power as the upper, which is constantly flooded in the blood of creation. This is where the Pantheon resides, and as well where all the Pantheon deities create their own spheres, residing within them when not elsewhere. This lower tier also contains the Material Sphere. Common Ground is located here, as well as the Positive Energy and Negative Energy planes.

Material Sphere[edit]

This is where mortals reside, on it's various planes. There is no such thing as immortality in this plane, as all things eventually perish, here, as this plane is sealed, and only weaker forces derived from the Blood of Creation can permeate it, though some can claim a longer, unnatural life-span. Even the Aesir, gods who were banished from the Deific Sphere, find their divine bloods losing it's shimmer, and are forced to slumber, absorbing the powers of the lesser forces they are attuned to, or face mortality.

Outer Planes: These planes are planes closest to the Deific Sphere, and therefore most influenced by the actions beyond the veil of the sphere. This area contains the Celestial, Abyssal, and Infernal planes, serving as the direct hands of the gods, and often times, it's inhabitants become emissaries.

Inner Planes: These planes provide a barrier between the outer and central planes, consisting of the Elemental planes of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, whose primordial forces help define and hold the Sphere together.

Central Planes: These planes are the closest related planes of all, including the Material, Ethereal, Astral, and Shadow planes. All of these planes occupy the same space in the Sphere, and therefore, overlap at times and in certain places. The Plane of Souls is also a central plane, but exists separately, under the domain of Hel

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