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The Grand World of Tirr

In ancient times, only the gods existed, residing in the Deific Sphere with little to do or to care about. Some tinkered, playing with fiction and others created various versions of worlds, all simple tests of power. While this played out for a time, it was inevitable that some would become unsatisfied with such a limited existence, with nothing to lose, but naught to gain. Varglokirr was the one who eventually came to realize this. He cut down the aimless creations of the other gods, destroying the multiple realms they had created over the countless millennia. He declared himself king of all gods, and challenged any who could to stop him. The deities stood in objection, however, and a great war begun. Horrors were abound, and death followed, god and goddess alike wiped from very existence. When the smoke cleared, a handful of deities had finally detained him, and returned all that he destroyed. Then, as punishment, created the World of Tirr within a new, Material Sphere, and sealed him in a tomb, far beneath the surface of all planes. Their actions were not without consequence, however, as soon, Varglokirr's influence upon Tirr was recognized - Mortals had been born.

Player Info

Character Creation
Start making a character for the World of Tirr.
The races found in the world of Tirr.
A list of classes available to players.

Feats, Flaws & Traits
Expanded list of feats, flaws, and traits available.
Default allowed supplements and resources.

World Reference

Tirr, up to recent events.
Geography of the World
The shape of the world.
Political Entities
Regions and Nations in the world of Tirr.
The Gods and Goddesses of Tirr, and Religion

Cosmology and the Planes
The layout of the cosmos, the planes, and the world.
The organizations of people in Tirr.

DM Info

Why Tirr was made, and how it came to be, on paper.
Those strange, deific items that reside in Tirr.
Bestiary and Monster Races
The vile beasts, horrid creatures, and savage species.
Information about all those varying technologies in Tirr.
NPCs, Minions, and Notables
All the people your players may see, talk to, or kill.

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