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Organizations and their Purpose[edit]

While Tirr plays host to the various levels of individual interaction between one man or kin and another, organized groups focused around shared categories of status, trade, wealth, and even purpose are often the true face of the cultural mechanism's gears, constantly turning and involving other major parties in the world. Organizations are similar to political entities, but rather than taking defined borders and allegiances to other nations, they often are given much wider berth and freedom along their particular sphere of interest, uniting individuals from all nations and walks of life under a united interest.

Often, Organizations, along with their individual members, can be the major movers and shakers in any campaign in Tirr. After all, when one player character interacts with an individual of the organization, he effectively is providing a relationship to them all. Some are much less willing to take upon the burdens of each and every members' altercations with the occasional world-saving Dragonkin, of course, but some organizations may take slights to their name, if not their members, personally, and make it a matter of business in dealing retribution.

Thus, Organizations can play major roles in both Player and Universal interactions. The war on the other continent could possibly have repercussions to an entirely neutral and oblivious player party if an organization is involved that they're dealing with, after all.

Material Plane Organizations[edit]

Since most adventures take place on the Material plane, the following is a comprehensive list of articles on the large number of organizations to be found in Tirr's Material plane, and thus are likely to be encountered. Please note that Organizations may be affiliated with governing entities, but are entirely separate from any established authority in any region, though some may attempt to assert authority. This means that while favor is shown to some organizations, and disdain for others, no organization is an actual extension of government.


Covenant of the Will[edit]

The most common religious entity and affiliation on both continents, the church worships and attempts to interpret the will of the Pantheon for its followers. While the church's Grand Cleric and other important clergy convene in Goldengate's Palace of the Divines, a grand cathedral, the religion has spread far and wide, with almost every worshiper of the Pantheon being affiliated in some way. Temples of the Great Mother might provide protection, adoption, and healing services, while Mara's would serve and assist weddings and unions, along with childbirth and care-taking. These various branches of the religion are found in nearly every major region of Tirr.

Bearers of the Blessing[edit]

The major church of Godsreach who revere Bahamut, as well as Ars Machina and Mana, regarded as the great patrons of Godsreach. In their doctrine, Ars Machina and Mana blessed the works of their ancestors, allowing them to raise the grand city into the sky, where Bahamut deigned to give the newly airborne nation the secrets of the Dragoons, who protect them against invaders and denizens of the sky alike.

Forest-mother Tribe[edit]

Volareans only worship Alcyone in any fashion resembling religious worship and devotion, to whom they credit for the great forests in which most inhabit, and to the creatures of the Fae who assist and live alongside them. Alcyone is revered most fondly at the site of her slumber, at the great tree Yggdrasil, which serves both as her shelter and as the place of worship and governing for most of Volare. Only the tribes' elder, and by extension the ruler of Volare, is allowed within the tree to speak with Alcyone.

Embrace of Isis[edit]

An entity existing within Sol and with very little presence elsewhere. This is due to the fact that Isis herself carved out the diverse, but mostly arid region into the primordial earth herself, often described as the ultimate gift of her love: A divine blessing of earth to serve as a haven for all of her children, from the Empress, to the lowest commoner. Many believe this as a literal interpretation, due to the fact that over the years, Sol has never been conquered, nor has any enemy or hostile nation ever gained a foothold in the mostly desert nation.

Aesir Cults and Shrines[edit]

While hardly a true, widespread church of any note, various shrines to individual Aesir exist, often devoted to the wills and means of those gods, alone, providing a much needed source of ideals for the slumbering Aesir gods' sustenance. This does, of course, mean that such cults will often engage in extreme behavior at the behest or in service to their deities, seeking to fulfill their ideals and spheres.


Order of the Platinum Dragon[edit]

The Monastic Order of the Platinum Dragon, often shortened to the "Order of Bahamut", is a monastery of monks and clerics dedicated to serving Bahamut. In many ways, this involves a completely ascetic lifestyle, training themselves to become the greatest and strongest of warriors as they prepare to defend the innocent against the forces of Tiamat. Asceticism is highly valued, as is a clear sense of duty and honor towards the ideals of magnanimity and chivalry. Any race may attend the monastery, but the journey is difficult and the temple is hard to reach, located deep in the Forest of Forever.

Templars of Steel[edit]

In the southern regions of Kerrigan, there exists a centuries-old fortress, donned in red banners that have gray hammers crossed upon them. This is the fortress of the Templars of Steel, whose membership is dedicated to the rule of man, and man alone. The Templars employ the doctrine that all gods are false gods, rendered mortal by the same services that cause man and kin to be mortal, when exposed to the material plane, and therefore unfit to follow. Eschewing the need for divine intervention, in all its sources, they seek to ready themselves for whenever man and kin will need to stand up to the suspected tyranny of the gods, Aesir and Pantheon alike. To this end, they quietly horde untold numbers of magical treasures, and rarely involving themselves in the affairs of the communities of the world.


Vault's Philosophy[edit]

A guild devoted to the trade of Banking and Lending. They have branches in each capital of all nations, and issues writs of currency and inventory, and effectively functioning not only as a method of currency exchange, but also for item and monetary storage, as well as lending, both in contracts and in services such as pawning items. Specific items can be ordered from one branch to the other, utilizing shipping or even magical transportation depending of fees and urgency of the transfer, both of which increase mutually. All services by the guild incurs fees, but the convenience of the entity allows it to maintain a satisfied number of regular customers.

Wayfarer's Guild[edit]

The Wayfarer's Guild assists in transportation of all kinds, in most parts of both Halimeda and Loupe. Based out of Tirasus, the guild has numerous detachment to suit the needs, and to procure profits from, the public at large. Depending on the size of the budget involved, the Wayfarer's Guild can easily provide carriage, ships, and even teleportation services, though these practices get more expensive in proportion to their quickness and convenience, as well as resource requirements.

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