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The various worlds in the universe of Tirr have had eons of progress occur within them, though some of it has happened within timeless realms, such as the Deific Sphere, and therefore may seem as though they were instantaneous. This is especially true regarding the time directly before the First Dawn. Dawns are the names given to millennia, progressing to another number every one thousand years.

The influence of time appears to affect in different capacities from plane to plane, often progressing slower or faster, or stopping altogether. Therefore, it is necessary to document the histories of different planes separately, though a comprehensive listing can be made with heavy calculation.

Material Plane[edit]

The condensed history of all time in the Material Plane, where most mortal races live, and often the center stage to most cataclysms and mythological disasters, given that the Material Plane holds the heart of Akulakhan's seal within it.

First Dawn yr. 1 - 1000
Year Event
  • The Aesir arrive upon Tirr, following their banishment.
  • Mana assists other Aesir in escaping to elemental planes, though none are aware that this would be a necessity later. The first remnants of arcane magic is spread across Tirr.
  • Alcyone secluded herself in the greater forest of Halimeda, cutting off contact from most other Aesir. In this time, the Halimedan lands would be nearly entirely fully covered with thick forest canopies.
  • Creatures of the Fey are first discovered within the wooded lands of Halimeda. They are suspected to be children of Alcyone.
  • Mcthorjelly is a source of constant disruption, eventually leading to his exile to the Plane of Chaos.
  • The Forest of Forever appears upon northern Loupe, spreading slowly across the landscape, beginning where Mcthorjelly was sent away.
  • The Forest of Forever is finally contained, though it is not destroyed. The area is warped by chaotic energy that resulted from Mcthorjelly's exile.
  • Mortals are first discovered. Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Kerani, and Merfolk are among the most notable. Elves are the sole inhabitants of Halimeda, alongside Fey.
  • Isis begins carving away at the western portion of the continent of Loupe.
  • Tiamat begins urging her children to become the scourge of the mortal races, to which Bahamut disagrees, effectively factioning the different types of dragons: Chromatic, Metallic, and Crystalline.
  • Isis is the first to adopt mortals into her care, accepting small tribes of humans and dwarves, as well as a newly discovered race, the Catfolk, into her newly created region. She named the region "Sol".
  • Mana teaches mortals how to harness the secrets of arcane magic, creating the art of the Wizard and Sorcerer.
  • Bahamut and Tiamat are unable to reconcile, and begin to war. Mortals, Dragons, and the two gods begin to clash.
  • Elven populations begin to grow, due to the large breadth of land uncontested by other races on Halimeda. Fey object to little practices if left to the wood.
  • Undine settles in the deepest part of the ocean, establishing her shrine there, with assistance from the Merfolk.
  • Elves declare the eastern continent to be Halimeda, the first usage of the now official name, meaning the Land of Elves, and begin to expand borders of settlements and regions. Tensions between the Fey and Elves arise, but do not culminate in any offense.
  • Dwarves establish a extensive underground network of settlements underneath the surface of Loupe, unearthing large numbers of denizens, such as the Hobgoblin Khanate, Bugbears, and other goblinoids.
  • Alcyone is the first of the Aesir to fall into slumber, forming the centerpiece of the future state of Volare, Ashalorien's Yggdrasil.
  • Undine allows small seafaring vessels to travel across the ocean, holding the waves at bay and providing current for their passage. This introduces humans and catfolk to Halimeda.
  • Dragonkin emerge as a self-reproducible race. Worrying that their presence is having too much influence on mortal races, this causes Bahamut to end the war between himself and Tiamat, but forcing both to exert all their energy, and suffer the same slumber as Alcyone and Isis. It works, with Tiamat falling to slumber first, and Bahamut flees to the skies with all his strength.
  • Bahamut's ascension as his strength is lost, and he slumbers. He begins a slow fall back to Tirr, from the outermost reaches of the planes, something that will take many years to occur.
  • Isis and Undine both fall into slumber. Isis leaves behind her daughter, Isis II, who becomes the Queen of the Solean Empire, now a fully fledged nation of settlements.
  • After centuries of arcane and divine magic practice, Genasi finally surface with significant populations.
  • Relations between elves and other races on Halimeda deteriorate, leading the the Halimedan Campaign

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