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Old Lionel
All Citizens
Associated Deities
Balthazar, Lunar
State Languages
Common, Elven, Sylvan, Undercommon
56% Human, 2% Merfolk, 2% Catfolk, 20% Elf, 14% Genasi, 6% Dragonkin

Northern Halimeda is a region of some history in a world of tales, some would say. Plains, hills, cliffs, and marshes, this region has many different types of land, and even more in types of people and events. One of the last of the great kingdoms, Lionel, persists here, and is the region's namesake, though the capital city was lost hundreds of years ago, and the people are in disarray. Loyalty, something prevalent in Lionel, continues to bind the region together, despite having almost no leadership; The people enact laws only through complete agreement, and still attempt to hope that Lionel is still standing, and their king still alive...

Climate, Geography, and Wildlife[edit]

The Lionel Region.

Lionel is affected by rather normal climate, most of the year, but suffers from extreme flooding in the rainy season, due to the geographical features of the land. Most cities are built on high ground to protect against this, but some villages still spring up, seasonally, down in the plains below. The western seashore has a tendency to rise as the coastline follows north, resulting in a large, expansive region of cliffs, with beaches to the south. To the east, a large marsh impedes progress, and proves to be an incredibly difficult barrier to pass by. The marsh gives off incredibly foul odor, and it has been known to cause sickness within people who stay nearby for too long. Reports of undead and rabid animals have also been heard of, filing in from the bogs.

Otherwise, the wildlife population is relatively normal for the plains and beaches, with one notable exception. Kraken often populate the waters to the southwest of the region, giving mariners a reason to stray from those areas. This, alongside the previously stated problems to the east, have caused most wildlife remaining to stay around high ground, becoming the prime choice for hunters, since the geography doesn't allow for fertile farming.


A Kingdom whose time was comparable to that of Sol and Kaladon, Lionel is a tragic kingdom, much like that of the Kaladonian empire, but with much different circumstances. Where Kaladon was wiped out, and most of its territories were simply absorbed into other empires, or began to govern themselves, Lionel simply became as a man with his head lopped off; No direction, and blind to all things. The citizenry of Lionel also had far stronger ties to the crown than Kaladon, and therefore were dismissive to becoming self-governing territories.

Lionel, the old capital city and the country's namesake, lies in ruin, charred black and quickly sinking into the dead marshes of the east. Similar to the fate of Kaladon, the city suffered from a single night of tragedy; One so great to destroy and curse the city, but also one of mortal hands. The noble families of Lionel were just as loyal to the service of the country as any other citizen, though they enjoyed competition regarding the favor of their liege, the King of Lionel, and his appointed barons. Among these noble houses was the House of Nox; Exceptional in standards and remarkable in quality, the sons of Nox were constantly the greatest of all the houses, spawning knight-commanders, heroes, and even barons of their own, in time, quickly becoming one of the most reliable and exceptional houses in all of Lionel, notable by any standards, and known throughout the lands. The last son, Abel, was especially talented as a warrior, and quickly assumed the same role as many of his brothers and fathers before him; A knight-commander, leading armies and laying claim to contested territories, and even defending the kingdom, far and wide.

Abel earned great acclaim, and often served with the templar of the local cathedrals, especially a catfolk named Luther Armadas III; A man of entirely different background, his family having been poor, and his earning his way into the ranks of the templar through courage and dedication, and also the man fated to be Abel's greatest friend, and so much more. Shortly after the Kaladonian Age ended, and the failed empire attracted the attention of Lionel, the two ended up embarking, with large company, onto an expedition to determine what had occurred in Kaladon. They only found that the city was gone, and that the citizenry of other towns knew not what occurred. During this time, Abel was approached by a famed seeress; Bandaged as her eyes were, she appeared to shudder as she sensed his presence, and told both he and Luther that he would become a great menace, a bloodied hand upon all that was good. They were words that haunted him, despite the fact that Luther and his men tried to persuade him differently.

Time took its toll. Details regarding the events leading up to Lionel's fall are mostly rumor, and it is unknown what truly occurred and caused the destruction that came upon the grand city. All that is known, however, is that at some point in the next few years, Abel suffered a tremendously traumatic event, which led him to go mad, killing every single person in Lionel, before setting the city aflame. Luther confronted the knight, his former friend's armor now charred black by the flames, and they fought. Beyond this, nothing else is known, except that Lionel is now but a husk of its former glory, with hardly any legacy. Those who fled told the tales of the night, and as they returned, Lionel was gone.

It has decayed since then, with the mass death and corpses that littered the city, along with the extremely negative energies that flowed through, causing the transition of the plains around the city to become a marsh, poisonous and vile to all who roam it.


Lionel used to be ruled by the royal family, bearing the crest of the White Lion upon their signet, and the banner of the double moons upon their flag. This, however, is the past. Due to intense loyalty, and indecision regarding succession, no suitable government has stood up to rule the region, nor does any of the territories belonging to the former barons make any stand to become autonomous, fearing backlash from the people and other settlements.

Currently, most towns of the region still believe that the royal line has the greatest level of authority, and that it has, somehow, survived. Until they are able to distinguish where the line survives, however, most areas have become relatively small democracies, provided that the policies enacted never contradict any standing laws issued by the king, and that they have no power against any future king.

Foreign Relations and Military[edit]

Lionel used to be one of the three kingdoms of the Kaladonian Age, and therefore boasted a history of conflict, alliances, and mediation as long as any of the great kingdoms. It's military was mighty, consisting mostly of Heavy plated infantry and cavalry, both of Knights and Paladins. Working closely with the clergy, the Kingdom was nigh unstoppable.

Present days, however, see a much more helpless version of the former state. The only things that protect Lionel are the fact that completely benevolent and isolationist countries and regions are its closest neighbors, with its most hostile neighbor separated by an ocean, and therefore limited in ability to conquer Lionel. Still, Lionel is fairly armed, with up-to-date garrisons in each city; It simply lacks any coordination, and therefore is unable to deal with a full-scale invasion.

Language, Religion, and Culture[edit]

Lionel has always been a region were all were welcome, even more so than in Silverfell, though it pales to comparison in modern times. Drawn by a sense of unity and the powerful guide of a competent ruler, any who were willing to support and serve the crown were welcomed with open arms, employing and instilling a powerful sense of nationalism in all citizenry and immigrants. To this day, Lionel still holds a sizable amount of diversity, hosting large quantities of all the races of Tirr, though in far lesser content than it's predecessor.

Like most regions, worship is divvied up between Aesirean and Pantheon worship, though the factions have few clashes due to the national focus of the country. Lunar is one of the most popular Pantheon deities, though Balthazar also is fairly popular, considering the solid history of Knights and Paladins in the region. Aesir do not tend to have a specific following in the region, though large numbers of people worship several different Aesir.


Lionel, Capital of the Lionel Region[edit]

A once grand city, now reduced to wretched ruins and horrid, ghastly abominations as the souls were tormented by their deaths, Lionel no longer stands in its former glory, and can arguably stand no more. The seat of the region, as no other has dared to usurp the leadership of the late king, the would-be governing body would still reside here, though some take up hope the royal family took refuge in the tunnels beneath, belonging to Drow and other races, and earned safe passage to a place far beyond. This hope is relatively slim, however, but the capital remains a fact: Lionel fell.

Dead Marshes[edit]

The dead marshes are a terrible sight to behold. The entire wasteland has been reduced from once lush, and fertile plains, to a disgusting, hellish muck. This area surrounds the late capital of Lionel, and has been slowly spreading, like a glacier, over the adjacent areas, and threatens to swallow up all of the region. It somehow stops at the border of Volare, suggesting that the Fae spirits of the forests are able to ward off the evil energies of the marsh. The air is toxic, and the marshes themselves even more so, as the mass amounts of blood and corpses that littered the city decomposed and transformed the area into what it is.

Crow's Point[edit]

A small fishing city, located on the northwestern cape; Crow's Point is arguably the largest settlement still inhabited in the region. It is home to a former baron's family, though this family has long ceded authority to the people in exchange for their wealth and residence, which was agreed upon. The land around Crow's point, like many other cities in Lionel, is infertile, due to the flooding that occurs seasonally, and commerce is rare, due to the nearest landing being plagued by Kraken. The city has earned its name due to the crows that gather, feasting on those who die of famine, or the carcasses of previous hunts.

Other Notable Sites[edit]

  • Ladinea - A small settlement near the northern coastline.
  • Alua Lann - A border settlement at the edge of Volare's border. The elves of Volare frequent here, and while they maintain disdain for most humans, trade and negotiations are discussed here with civility; The plight of the citizens of Lionel has moved the Elves.

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