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Lesser Deity
Symbol: The Flared Sun behind a Small White Sphere
Home Plane: Material Plane, Deific Sphere
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Youth, Warmth, Cycle, Pranks, Play
Clergy Alignments: CN, CG, CE, N
Domains: Sun, Fire, Revelry
Favored Weapon: Light Mace, Flail, Shuriken
Helios Minoris, the young lord of the second sun, and the rambunctious little brother of Helios Majora.

Helios Minoris, the younger brother of Helios Majora who refers to him as 'Minoris', and the deity referred to as the Second Star. While Majora's presence is usually sufficient enough to provide light and life to the world of Tirr, Minoris runs ahead of his sister as she revolves about the planes in the Material Sphere, causing temporary disruptions. Every two days, one night that would normally be dominated by Lunar, is instead illuminated slightly by Minoris' light.

Often depicted as a small boy, eager and adventurous, Minoris is often depicted as being carefree, cocky, and always chasing after his the subject of his whims. Majora often ends up having to lecture him, and he has frequent outbursts, observed from the Material Plane as Solar Flares.


Minoris, to his followers, teaches of enjoying the moment and casting aside the shackles of the mind, pushing people to explore and face down any challenge with tenacity and eagerness. Often times, these individuals appear happy and carefree, and seem to mimic their deity's level of cockiness and self-confidence, though whether or not they actually realize the danger posed by any situation is more ambiguous. Being loud and clear, most worshipers find little use in lying, and instead declare their intentions and motives with the least interest in whose listening or what purpose it might serve.

As far as spells go, however, those devoted to Minoris find themselves with a particular affinity to Light spells, while with a disdain, and even inability towards Darkness spells, much like those of Majora's. Darkness spells are allowed, however, but only when used in a way that the deity would approve of.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Much like the worshipers of Majora, the individuals and organizations that worship Minoris tend to be less than noteworthy in the world's knowledge, often local groups or even wandering individuals who instead devote their lives towards following his example. Minoris tends to attract fewer individuals to his worship, but often gains more or less happier subjects, as they find themselves much more at ease with less restrictions and standards than those of his sisters'. Most temples that stand are dedicated to him in the form of dens, gyms, and other recreational buildings.


Minoris has seat as one of the Lesser Thrones of the Pantheon of Tirr. He is often berated and quieted by his sister, Majora, who sits next to him, especially when he shouts down during the proceedings of the Thrones, towards the current speaker in excitement. He aspires to be greater than a lesser throne, at some point.

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