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Greater Deity
Symbol: The Open Palm
Home Plane: Positive Energy Plane, Deific Sphere
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Love, Motherhood, Family, Sacrifice, Compassion
Clergy Alignments: LG, NG, CG
Domains: Healing, Good, Protection, Creation, Repose
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
The Great Mother, benefactor of all, regardless of their nature.

The Great Mother is one of the patron deities of the Pantheon of Tirr, and provides the sense of compassion towards mortals among the Deities' council. She considers all mortals to be her children, and legends have even traditionally told of her bearing the first mortals within her womb. The divinity has not passed on, of course, but such tales are far and common, due to her nature amongst the rest of the rather temperamental deities.

Given this relationship with mortals, she is more often to occur to mortals in visions or encounters than most other deities, especially in times of need.


Followers of the Great Mother are often those of calm disposition and temperament, but also bearing the spark of love and generosity towards all other things. Those who follow here are restricted from partaking in any action that harms another outside of necessity (The Mother condones hunting for food, and fighting in defense, as these are things that all mortals must do to survive; Hunting for Sport and Fighting for Money are alternate examples that she does not condone). Her followers constantly contribute to communities they live in, often giving alms to the poor, offering shelter to others, and taking the extra steps in hospitality to make sure the comfort of all is taken care of.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clergy of the Great Mother and her temples often dress in the purest of white garments. They are restricted from carrying weapons while performing services in her name (Any person attempting to do so will find his divine blessings revoked for as long as he carries the weapon. It also might earn him distrust or dislike from other followers). As always, the Great Mother contains special circumstance for those in dire need of such instruments, being a goddess of compassion.

Her temples are often made of white marble, silver, or other pure stones and metals, and often adorned to glimmer in the sunlight, and be easily visible in the moonlight. Banners of light blue, with emblems of the Open Palm, her symbol, often hang down from their rafters or roofs. The homeless, poor, and diseased often congregate within, the clergy of which dutifully applying blessing and cures amongst them. An oft-spoken rumor is that sometimes, in times of great hardship, an unfamiliar woman, robed and hooded in white, can be seen tending to the sick and infirm, injured and starving. She is said to exude love and gentleness to those she comes in contact with, but none can seem to remember her beyond a hazy feeling of her presence. Some whisper that this is the Great Mother herself, overcome with compassion and coming to nurture those in need, herself.


The Great Mother is one of the five great deities that fill the major seats of the Pantheon of Tirr. It was her suggestion to allow the few surviving Aesir from the War of the Deific Sphere to still rule over their dominions on the planes, and she constantly is the voice of love and compassion for the mortals of the Material Plane, balancing the other gods' tendencies.

Mara, who is traditionally associated with the Great Mother, shares almost all ideals with her, and therefore is a steadfast ally in most matters that come before the thrones. She receives similar, though weaker bonds from Balthazar and Jubila.

In regards to the Aesir, she is revered almost universally among them. Bahamut, himself, decreed to the Aesir when they were banished, that should any hold her in contempt, he would take their grudge upon himself, in her stead. She is often accused of sneaking into Tirr to visit them, as well as her followers and those in need.

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