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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A Lily
Home Plane: Positive Energy Plane, Deific Sphere
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Love, Family, Childbirth, Festival, Harvest
Clergy Alignments: LG, NG, CG
Domains: Community, Good, Generative
Favored Weapon: Buckler, Bastard Sword, Spear
Mara, Midwife and Sister to the Great Mother.


Despite the status of a Lesser Throne, Mara wields great influence in the court of the Pantheon, being the maidservant to the Great Mother, herself. She is always closely associated with the Great Mother, often as an adviser or assistant, but perhaps most famously, as the midwife of the Great Mother, who delivered the World from birth, in the widely popular myth.

A mostly benevolent deity, Mara is sometimes little different from the Great Mother in most views; They believe that ultimately, love and peace are the keys to a perfect future, though Mara is more pragmatic than her greater counterpart when it comes to violence: Defense of the weak, and of one's family and people are fine. Wars have been fought and won under the banner of Mara, even if seldomly, and this is celebrated; The Great Mother, on the other hand, is not associated with any act of violence.

Mara also guards the sanctity of the home, family, and tradition, as well as being considered the goddess of harvest in many communities. In many ways, she is considered the goddess of organized civilization, as well, demanding obedience and good will between neighbors, and that all men and women treat their neighbors as if they were their own brothers and sisters.


Those who follow the ideologies of Mara are often found in the form of benevolent kings, queens, and politicians; From the lowest mayor or councilman, to the highest emperor, Mara has many a seat of power held by her own. This is not a mutually exclusive case, however, as Mara is not a goddess of authority; Her teachings simply demand a strong love of one's community and patriotism, which causes those devoted enough to engage in leading their community.

Farmers, Patriarchs, and Matriarchs are also often symbols of devotion towards her, as they also receive and benefit from her blessing, and are devoted to her teachings of Family and Harvest, often working in concert with followers of Jubila, as festivity is considered a holy endeavor, as well; It brings the community together, after all.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clergy of the Mara are often dressed in formal dress and suits when outside of their temples, and change to loose gowns and homely attire when within the temple or at home. This is to show the respect and formality towards their countrymen, but that their hearts lie at home.

Clergy and other worshipers are restricted from utilizing any mind-affecting spells, as Mara does not provide them, and are typically required to consider the place of family in all societies. This results in many a compassionate foe, when her followers would fight, especially when an opponent has surrendered and has a family to speak of.

Temples to Mara are less lavish than some of the other gods and goddesses of the Pantheon, and are usually large, grand structures, but with humble decor. All temples have a banner depicting the Lily, Mara's symbol, and welcome all into their halls. Children are a constant sight within said temples, as priests act as caregivers to many orphans and to children whose parents must work or otherwise be unable to care for them.


Mara sits among the Lesser Thrones in the Pantheon of Tirr, and often defends and/or supports the Great Mother in the political measures she submits. She is considered to be amicable by most other gods, though, as one expects, Mephistopheles believes she is far to idealistic to serve to any real purpose, and Serberus simply hates her. On the other hand, even unrelated deities sometimes acknowledge her, such as Gahss, of whom despite being in constant opposition, respects Mara due to her pragmatic nature towards war.

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