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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: The Flared Sun
Home Plane: Material Plane, Deific Sphere
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Growth, Warmth, Cycle, Nature, Day
Clergy Alignments: LN, LG, LE, N
Domains: Sun, Fire, Travel, Weather
Favored Weapon: Light Mace, Morningstar, Ranseur, Dire Flail
Helios Majora, the Goddess who lights all of Tirr as the First Star. The Morning is her nature, and her blessing.

Helios Majora, often called 'Majora' in circles familiar to her, is the larger of two heavenly bodies circling the world of Tirr in the Material Plane. While she does not pass Tirr as often as her smaller sibling, Minoris, she is by far the primary life-giver, warming the earth with her rays.

While often pictured as a galactic body of yellow and orange gases, fueled by fission, she often appears as a woman with fiery wings, especially when she needs to converse with mortals or other gods. Of course, she can only do so when it is her night cycle: The time when she appears over the Plane of Souls or the Shadow Plane. Otherwise, one of the planes would go without her light.


Those who worship Helios Majora are not restricted to any real set belief system. Many who have come and gone, individuals and tribes, have all worshiped her and her brother-star throughout the centuries, and each have had different sets of ideals. Some are simply grateful for the light the star gives to Tirr, though others seek to reciprocate this gift with offerings, or use it to crush their foes. Regardless, the only true dogma is sacrifice: Helios Majora finds favor in those who offer her the best of spirits and wine, and they must do so, each day, at noon, or dissatisfy her. Too much of this, and she may abandon them.

Ancient lore would have that at one point, Majora was associated with many different races and groups in the Material Plane, and was worshiped with the sacrifices of slaughtered livestock, and sometimes, with worshipers themselves. Over time, this came under scrutiny from some of the deities of the pantheon, particularly the Great Mother, who publicly distanced herself from the act. This has led to the more mundane beliefs and sacrifices that her followers practice, but it remains in the minds of most civilized people on the surface of Tirr, though it is commonly referred to in antiquity or jest.

As far as spells go, however, those devoted to Majora find themselves with a particular affinity to Light spells, while with a disdain, and even inability towards Darkness spells. Clerics are even forbidden from the latter!

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Clergy to Helios Majora usually find themselves with personalities afflicted by the time of day. If Majora is elsewhere, and night has fallen, they are generally gloomy or disgruntled, while if it's high noon, they are gleeful and glorious, able to endure anything. Because of this bi-polar nature, they have a hard time fitting in with most groups, and even find themselves restless at night, wishing she would rise.

Temples to Majora are often partially constructed, leaving out the roof so that she might shine through in brilliance during the day. This also comes as a double-edged sword, however, since night inevitably falls, which lets Majora's rival, Lunar, shine through, depressing them.


Majora has seat as one of the Lesser Thrones of the Pantheon of Tirr. She usually has little to say regarding the discussions of the Pantheon, and sits next to her brother, Minoris. She does, however, occasionally speak-up, especially when Lunar is benefited over herself.

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