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Xyz, Keeper of Time's Dictum[edit]

Greater Deity
Symbol: a crystal pocketwatch
Home Plane: Redoubt of the Omniscient (demi-plane)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Fate, Balance, Omniscience, Time and Space, Psionics
Clergy Alignments: none; Xyz accepts no clerics.
Domains: Fate, Knowledge, Artifice, Mechanus
Favored Weapon: crystal halberd
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More information...

Few know of Xyz, and that is just the way that this deity would have it; the fewer prattling creatures beseaching it to act on their behalf, the better. It is far more concerned with the task that it was created to uphold--namely, preserving the balance of the universe and the fabric of space-time. But it is not the actions of its fellow gods, nor those of overly ambitious mortals, which pose a great threat to this task: there exist creatures whose mere presence distorts reality, and others with the power to actively rend the fabric of space-time. among these beings are the abominations known as phanes and zyxaxi, as well as a number of elder evils--chief among them the nihilistic god known as the Elder Elemental Eye, and his disgusting avatar Shothragot.

To combat these mindnumbing horrors, Xyz makes use of a legion of particularly militant inevitables, sending them to any place in the multiverse where such abominations stir. Whenever fiends and depraved mortals conspire to summon the dead world of Atropus, the heralds of Xyz are there. When gods seek to elevate themselves far beyond their current standing in an extremely short amount of time, the heralds of Xyz are there. Whenever a band of adventures need an excuse to kick the gears out of some powerful constructs, the heralds of Xyz are there!

Xyz resides in the Redoubt of the Omniscient, a demi-plane accessible only through the Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus. Its primary terrain feature is a floating sphere of diamond 5,000 miles in diameter, within which lies a fortress of unimaginable scale, patrolled by fearsome maruts, colossi, and various golems. The Redoubt contains a limitless amount of information on every subject in the known universe, which is constantly amended and updated by a legion of homunculi. Xyz resides in a spartan throne at the sphere's core; in his natural form he resembles a towering sapphire kolyarut that has been bolted onto his majestic, scalelike throne from the waist down.


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Clergy and Temples[edit]

Xyz does not accept clergy, nor does it allow the creation of temples in its name.

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