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Greater Deity
Symbol: His person
Home Plane: The elemental plane of air and the prime material plane
Alignment: CE
Portfolio: All
Clergy Alignments: CE, LE, NE, CN
Domains: All
Favored Weapon: Tentacle(whip), claw(scimitar)
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More information...

The half brother of Cthulhu is also sleeping, and like him, his avatars and aspects are not. Whenever one who does not Worship Hastur says Hastur, there is a %75 chance that he will hear and send 10d3 byakhee to deal with them, if they are defeated then one of Hastur's avatars will appear to destroy the blasphemer.


Hastur encourages spreading terror and pain, ensuring madness will reign, and bringing woes without end and reclaiming all in his name. Making hopes turn to black. Like cthulhu once the elder signs are shattered and/or the stars are right he will awaken and teach the multiverse new kinds of fear. Like nearly all of the great old ones, elder gods, and outer gods, even his aspects (a avatar of a avatar) are more powerful than most gods, overdeities included. He appears as a giant reptilian creature with writhing tentacles everywhere, he is six times taller than the 16 mile tall cthulhu in his normal form, thus making him 96 miles tall however he weighs the same as he is a creature of air, though like Cthulhu, he often chooses a less massive size, but while Cthulhu settles for a 100 foot frame, Hastur goes for a 6 foot tall appearance of a man wearing a Yellow Robe over his body with a mass of tentacles that creep under his yellow robes.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Clergy of Hastur tend to be hidden in most societies, however like other cults of the great old ones, they are very strong and numerous, where the great old ones are revered they work openly, their Uniforms are varied from cult to cult as are their temples

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