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8th-Level Spells Summary
Air Removal You remove breathable air from within the body of a creature within range, potentially suffocating it.
Alternate Self Create a weaker copy of yourself to help you in battle.
Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike A secret incantation of the Dragon Cult from the Lands between that summons a red lightning storm.
Awaken Ooze You grant sentience to an ooze.
Black Hole Beam You create a tiny black sphere in an unoccupied space that you can see within the spell’s range that begins rapidly sucking in everything around it. After some time, a giant laser beam originating from you fires through the sphere, obliterating anything that was sucked in.
Blackfire Burn away at a targets heart and soul
Blasting Bolt Make a ranged attack roll against a creature or object within range that you can see. On a hit, the target takes 15d10 damage of a type you choose from acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, radiant, or thunder.
Blood Manipulation You weave your magic into the very blood of a creature, manipulating their body to your will.
Boil Blood You point your finger at a creature you can see within range, and its blood begins to boil.
Conjure Monster Create a new being out of raw magic.
Control Monster You control the mind of a creature, which can only resist with the force of its personality.
Dalamars Unerring Strikes You creates an invisible force field around themselves that guides projectiles to their targets.
Darunia's Explosive Boulder You summon a huge, explosive rock.
Death Blade, Variant You put necrotic power into a weapon.
Destructive Slash a sword of dark energy
Dimension Slash You rip a tear in reality and deliver a devastating blow.
Dragon's Stolen Breath You spew forth the mighty breath of a dragon past slain.
Druidhome You create an area inaccessible to anyone but you and your compatriots at the heart of a wilderness.
Eclipse You can create the massive image of a solar eclipse occurring directly overhead.
Elden Stars Creates a stream of golden shooting stars that assail the area.
Energy Rupture You choose a creature to absorb energy until it ruptures out from them in an explosion of force.
Eradication Flame A beam of white flame sears into your foes.
Erase History Purge the written word of reference to something.
Eviscerate You attack the heart(s) of a creature that you can see within range.
Explosion, Variant KA-BOOM! A massive explosion erupts from a point you choose within range.
Far Sight You view a creature's reflection on the plane of shadow
Fiery Twin You create an elemental twin of yourself.
Frozen Tomb You wave your hand and entomb a creature you can see within range in ice.
Gamma Radiation You release a radioactive ray of Gamma Radiation.
Gem Containment Seal away someone using the power of gems
Glacial Armor You grow in size and at the same time, your flesh turns into animate ice, making you into a living glacier.
Gravity Surge
Greater Animate Dead This spell creates a powerful undead servant or many weaker servants.
Greater Animate Skeleton Create an advanced undead skeleton servant.
Greater Contingency
Greed You corrupt the heart of your enemy, giving them a crippling weakness for wealth of all kinds.
Healing Rain Summons a cloud of healing rain.
Heartstop Stop a creature's heart, causing it to rapidly expire.
Hellhole You transform an area of land into a flaming hellhole.
Hells Lightning Call forth the most powerful lightning from the deepest and darkest parts of Hell to destroy everything that stands in your way.
Horrific Vicissitude The Caster slits his hand open and when he touches an enemy his bloody hand suddenly sucks all the flesh and blood of enemy into the wound, healing the caster and destroying their foe.
Kraken's Tentacle You conjure a kraken's tentacle that sprouts from a body of liquid and attacks your enemies.
Lake of Fire
Lazarus Pit You summon a pit full of green liquid that has healing and rejuvenative properties.
Location Transposition You cause two locations to temporarily switch with each other.
Locusts of Tartarus several small portals open to the lower planes in the great multiverses, innumerable hordes of fiendish locusts fly from these small portals to swarm the area, devouring enemies and healing allies.
Magic Warship You enchant a ship, granting it several potent abilities.
Mass Blade Bane A number of creatures you choose become vulnerable to bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage.
Mass Disintegrate A blast of green light erupts from your outstretched hand, dealing heavy force damage in a cone.
Mass Flesh Fails You manipulate an area, darkening it and cutting your foes off from some of their strength
Megascale Flight You touch a willing creature, granting it the ability to fly at supersonic speeds.
Moody Blues A retro-cognition spell that allows one to see a replay of past events.
Mute With a single gesture and a commanding shush, you attempt to magically silence a creature you can see within range.
Otherworldly Polymorph
Permanence of Being A spell which makes a creature cease the aging process.
Planer Overlay You pull a section of one extra planer realm into your current location and impose it over the real world.
Polar Ray A blue-white ray of freezing air and ice springs from your hand and towards a creature within range.
Power Power is very powerful
Power Word Bleed You speak a word of power that causes the blood of one creature you can see within range to burst forth.
Power Word Forget You utter a word of power that can compel one creature you can see within range to forget an event.
Power Word Freeze You utter a word of power that freezes a creature in ice.
Power Word Sleep You speak a word of power that can compel a creature to sleep.
Protection from Spells For the duration, the target or targets have advantage on saving throws against magic and magical effects.
Prying Eyes, Greater
Quasar You sweep an area with overwhelming quantities of deadly light.
Quincy's Investiture You call upon the power of investing to invest in investitures.
Rapture You summon your Astral weapon and strike it diagonally down in front of you muttering the Astral word for Rapture.
Reforestation You plant the heart of an ent, using it to channel massive amounts of positive energy into the vegetation within range.
Reverse Time Reverses time on a target(s) after one round.
Royal Diamond Ring By holding the likeness of the moon towards the sky, you create a brilliant and awe-inspiring abstract representation of the sun and moon in harmonization.
Shadow Plague A dark cold cloud rolls forth, chilling everyone inside
Silver Bullets of Paradise By channeling the power of the divines, you damage enemies or heal allies with eight bullets of silver energy.
Skyweave Transmute and compress a great volume of air into other materials.
Sorrel's Chaining Lances Sorrel Glintwing enjoyed her chaining missile so much she thought she'd turn it up a notch or two
Sorrel's Well of Infinite Lances Sorrel Glintwing says there is always room for more powerful magic missiles
Soul Bomb I'm taking you with me.
Soul Puppet Dark strings connect your shadow to the very soul of your opponent
Soul Sunder Cut a soul's silvery cord to its body, snuffing out its life.
Spell Shape
Spellwise Aura You radiate raw arcane power, enhancing the spells of other spellcasters like some sort of arcane dynamo.
Star Blast You call down energy from the stars to SMITE YOUR OPPONENTS IN THE MOST POWERFUL WAY KNOWN TO MAN!!
Star Fire Invoke a supernova that crushes nearby opponents with unrelenting Force
Substitution A way to cheat death, at the cost of your very soul.
Tasha’s Tantalizing Terrarium In her quest to outdo Mordenkain, Tasha has created a home to beat the Magnificent Mansion.
The Fog of the Dead A Horrific fog that comes from the underworld rises up raising the dead and harming the living
Tomb of Night Unnatural darkness hardens around your target, taking them completely
Tornado You conjure an spiraling cylinder of wind in range, which has a 20 foot radius and 40 foot height.
Touch of the Void Go back in time to the creation of the universe to boost your powers temporarily.
Umbral Body Your form becomes shadowy and incorporeal
Vacuum With a sweeping arm gesture, you expel all air from a 40-foot high cylinder with a radius of 20 feet.
Vacuum Zone Create an airless zone, where no sound exists.
Walk of the Dead Become one of the unliving, for a time.
Warclaw You grow devastatingly powerful claws which can tear a tank apart or rip off the heads of enemies with ease.
Watery Twin You create an elemental twin of yourself.
Zombie Infection You send out a wave of necrotic energy that may turn creatures that die into zombies.
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