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Location Transposition
8th-level Conjuration
Casting time: Action
Range: 60ft, See Description
Duration: 1 Minute

The area you target (a 20ft cube) with this spell trades places with an equivalently shaped area at the location you name. Any creatures caught or objects completely contained within either of the two areas travel with their respective area to the new location instantly.

The spell can only transpose locations on the same plane of existence as you. Your familiarity with the destination determines your success at the transposition. The GM rolls d100 and consults the table.

At the end of the duration, the two areas return to their natural locations, again taking any creatures or objects completely contained within either area with them. Creatures and objects that have been brought in to either area are transported, but not creatures or objects that have been removed from either location.

The sudden removal or interposition of a location's features magically applies no effect to surrounding areas. For example, transposing the wall out of a building does not damage the structure in any way, leaving no mark or seam once the utterance ends, transposing a section of ocean into a lake of lava will not cause the water to boil nor the lava to solidify, and transposing a section of ground with a section of sky will result in a section of ground hovering mysteriously in midair. Objects and creatures not fully contained within either area are not transported. If they could not coexist with the newly transposed location, for example a ship with a section of water beneath it suddenly transposed with solid rock, the creature or object is shunted to the nearest open location without harm.

Standard Languages
Familiarity Mishap Similar Area Off Target On Target
Associated object 01–100
Very familiar 01–05 06–13 14–24 25–100
Seen casually 01–33 34–43 44–53 54–100
Viewed once 01–43 44–53 54–73 74–100
Description 01–43 44–53 54–73 74–100
False destination 01–50 51–100

Familiarity. “Associated object” means that you possess an object taken from the desired destination within the last six months, such as a book from a wizard's library, bed linen from a royal suite, or a chunk of marble from a lich's secret tomb.

“Very familiar” is a place you have been very often, a place you have carefully studied, or a place you can see when you cast the spell. “Seen casually” is someplace you have seen more than once but with which you aren't very familiar. “Viewed once” is a place you have seen once, possibly using magic. “Description” is a place whose location and appearance you know through someone else's description, perhaps from a map.

“False destination” is a place that doesn't exist. Perhaps you tried to scry an enemy's sanctum but instead viewed an illusion, or you are attempting to teleport to a familiar location that no longer exists.

On Target: The exact locations that you specified transpose Successfully.

Off Target: You translocate an area nearby your targeted location. This alternate location will usually be about (1d10 x 1d10% of the total distance you had origionally wished to cover) off course from your intended destination, but can be greater if no similar location is that near. For example, if you had intended to translocate your location with one 2000 miles away and rolled a 1 and 2 on the d10s, you would find yourself roughly 40 miles off target, provided a similar location can be found that near. The GM determines the direction off target randomly by rolling a d8 and designating 1 as north, 2 as northeast, 3 as east, and so on around the points of the compass. If you were teleporting to a coastal city and wound up 18 miles out at sea, you could be in trouble.

Similar Area. If this spell does target a similar area, the area that is actually exchanged will be visually or thematically similar to the location you were attempting to swap with, such as ariving in an alchemist's lab or a library when attempting to swap with a room from a wizard's tower. Generally, the location comes from the closest similar place, but since the spell has no range limit, it could conceivably appear from anywhere on the plane.

Mishap. The spell's unpredictable magic results in a difficult journey. The location could translocate into the space you occupy causing you to take 3d10 force damage, and shunting you in a random direction(Rolled by the GM and possibly causing you to take damage again)

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