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Spell Shape
8th-level Abjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: self
Components: V S M
Duration: concentration, or up to 1 minute

This is a Wild Magic Spell, which can only be choosen or cast by the arcane tradition or sorcerer Wild Magic

take a spell directed at you and use it's energy to cast a different spell ((a diamond worth no less than 500 gp. When the spell is cast, the diamond is transformed into a lump of coal.) This spell gives the wild mage the ability to seize magical energy directed at him and reshape it as he desires. While it is in effect, the spell gives no visible sign of its existence. It offers no protection against area effect spells. If a wild mage is the target of a spell or magical item, this spell automatically allows him a saving throw. If the saving throw is failed, the opponent's spell has normal effects.
If the saving throw is successful, the spell shape absorbs the magical energy of the opponent's spell. The wild mage can then choose to let the energy dissipate or as a reaction cast a spell back at the opposing mage. The return spell must be of an equal or lesser spell level than the original one and must be currently memorized by the sorcerer. The act of returning the spell does not cost the wild mage any of his spell slots. Spell energy cannot be saved; if not used immediately, it dissipates. For example, Hamos, a wild mage, is protected by a spell shape and is struck by a finger of death (a 7th-level spell). He succeeds at his saving throw and is now able to cast a spell of 7th level or lower. Hamos has learned feeblemind. Since it is only a 5th-level spell, he chooses to cast it back at his enemy. He makes his wild surge check (and doesn't get a wild surge) and the feeblemind is sent hurtling back at his foe. Hamos still has his original 5th tier slot available. The remaining two spell levels are lost, since they were not used in the same round.

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