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This page is reserved for a To-Do list of what I have left to add to the wiki, and also a list of my completed contributions.


Finish the Neo Greater Material Plane Project, including common creatures (Which will mostly include Giant Insect templates and Giant Beasts that are normally small and harmless, like bunnies. It'll be great.).

The Enhanced Existence Project, a 3 part ruleset that enhances high level play and gives players more options throughout combat of all levels... At the cost of making the game significantly more deadly and realistic. Each part of this ruleset should be viable on its own, but also complemented by the others. The 3 parts are the:

Enhanced Existence Magic Overhaul (5e Variant Rule) Which adds 10-level spells, Ancient Magic which makes certain homebrew spells more complex to learn (Including all 10th-level spells), and 3 new ways to organize magic, allowing different worlds to have truly foreign magic to players.

DM's Note: As of now, I plan on remaking the Magic Overhaul, as apparently 10th level spells and the means to access them already existed in previous editions of the game which I haven't played. Since canonically this was ended through a particular incident in 3.5E, I have to rework the Overhaul (Overhaul the Overhaul, if you will) to make it viable for normal games. As such, some or all of the 10th-level spells may have major changes coming soon. Legacy versions of these pages may be made upon request. Additionally, I'm combining the homebrew ruleset and material for dealing with more complex lycanthropy (And similar pages), into this ruleset, as a section titled Curse Complexity And Other Moral Dilemmas. Depending on the nature of this when completed, it may warrant being it's own homebrew ruleset as well, or may better fit into a different part of these Overhauls. Right now, I'm adding it here because this is the next project I plan to complete, but the lycanthropy issue has existed for quite some time.

This is the biggest adventure in rules creation I've ever had, and I might need help making it balanced, fun, and most importantly, interesting enough to be viable. As these appear, if you're interested in helping bring the concept to life, please consider supporting the project with suggestions for improvements in the Discussion pages of the different ruleset pages, or even the Discussion page of this User page.

SOOOO after careful consideration, I've just realized how big of a job translating epic magic into 5e is going to be, and I'm in way over my head. Spellcraft (Which is a skill that doesn't exist in 5e), Seeds (Spells that are components of Epic Spells), epic spell development, the whole thing will at some point be tackled in my new version of this ruleset. However, I can't guarantee this will translate fully well, due to the vast differences between 5e and 3.5e (For example, the original 10th-level spell I made for this had no save against it, which some of the actual epic spells also share this trait, but it would be totally unacceptable in 5e, which makes all magic able to be countered or resisted in some way). In other words, please excuse my dear aunt sally as I will be taking a while longer to properly update this ruleset than I initially intended. Also, due to its complexity, I may have to add additional complexities to the other parts of the Enhanced Existence ruleset as well, just to balance it out.

Completed Contributions[edit]

The following is a list of pages on the wiki created by me that I still claim credit for. Heavy editing from someone else that improves the pages significantly will cause me to consider the page no longer my creation, though there's nothing wrong with that if it betters the content of the page. This has only happened once so far, but as I can ramble in text on occasion, it could happen again. Before continuing, note that I've gotten help from users on the wiki (Especially SirSprinkles, an admin that has been particularly helpful and deserves some credit, as many items including this page could not have existed without his help), and am also willing to help anyone with questions. Use the Discussion page to ask me anything you need help with concerning the pages I've created, and I'll check on occasion and help to the best of my ability.

Everything should be in alphabetical order within a type of page, but pages types are listed in order of importance (I.E. a custom order).


The rulesets that completely alter the game in some way.

Enhanced Existence Take Initiative Overhaul (5e Variant Rule)

Enhanced Existence Truly Mortal Overhaul (5e Variant Rule)


Adventuring Gear

Pocket Sand (5e Equipment)

Pyre Fuel (5e Equipment)

Novelty Magic Items

Pen of Endless Ink (5e Equipment)

Pen of Shapes (5e Equipment)

Ring of Pleh (5e Equipment)


Feathered Weapon (5e Equipment)

Major Threat .22 Pistol (5e Equipment)

Major Threat .45 Pistol (5e Equipment)

Parasol (5e Equipment)


Armor of Bound Form (5e Equipment)


Clear Potion (5e Equipment)

Goodberry Potion (5e Equipment)

Knight Tatru's Ointment (5e Equipment)

Mana Potion, Variant (5e Equipment)

Potion of Divination (5e Equipment)

Potion of Potions Potion (5e Equipment)

Potion of Speeeeeeeeeed (5e Equipment)

Potion of Vulnerability, Variant (5e Equipment)

Revival Potion (5e Equipment)


Ring of Forced Peace (5e Equipment)

Ring of Mortality (5e Equipment)

Ring of Petrification (5e Equipment)


Alchemist's Query (5e Equipment)

Wondrous Items

Azule's Seashell (5e Equipment)

Bead of Harmless Force (5e Equipment)

Master's Multitool (5e Equipment)

Nyan's Gambit (5e Equipment)

Vice Bracers (5e Equipment)

Witch Hunter's Headset (5e Equipment) Thanks to Bobby383b for helping improve this page mere hours after its completion!

Legendary Items

Blade of Fortune's Bane (5e Equipment) Believe it or not, this item was NOT inspired by Minecraft. I got annoyed building a Scout Rogue Aarakocra and slowly discovering that there were no particularly good magic items for them when built properly. They have things like the sword of warning sure, but all of those major items can be circumvented either with the subclass or the feats you should get for such a build. Then I got inspired with this idea.

Hat of Wonders (5e Equipment)

Hero's Hood (5e Equipment)

Mordenkainen's Peddler Bag (5e Equipment)

Obsidian Dagger (5e Equipment) Appearance mildly flavored with Crypt of the Necrodancer, but honestly that's flavor-text that can easily be changed if it's a problem. Stronger than you'd think in the right hands, and by that I of course mean the hands that can make up for the lack of damage a dagger has with a couple extra dice. Rogues, if that wasn't clear.

True Wand (5e Equipment)


Infinity Quiver (5e Equipment) Spell Weavers are a fun way to create items that would otherwise never be enchanted the way they are. After all, these items are more often than not explicitly designed to make people want to use them, but also probably be their ultimate downfall. I love it.

Ioun Gauntlet (5e Equipment) Just had this idea for an item that lets you collect MORE Ioun Stones. In all likelihood, it would have to be a direct goal of a player to reach the gauntlet's full potential.

Orb of Nature (5e Equipment) Using this in a low level campaign as a quest item. Hopefully the party doesn't realize how powerful it is and play against alignment.

Scarf of Knowledge (5e Equipment)

Spawning Shard (5e Equipment)

Teresa's Thorn (5e Equipment) I really need to make a Teresa stat block at some point, since so many items I've made rely on it.

The Desperate Move (5e Equipment)

The Spellblade of Fire (5e Equipment) Gonna make a Shawn Spellblade stat block and an Adventuring Curse entry later.

The Spellblade of Lightning (5e Equipment) The high charge count makes the math for balancing this one very, uh, we'll say complicated to be polite. I hope doubling the charge cost at higher amounts and making the most powerful uses intensive anyway can counterbalance it, but I don't know for sure.



Emberbolt (5e Spell)

Level 1 Spells

Affect (5e Spell)

False Blade (5e Spell)

Inversion (5e Spell)

Level 3 Spells

Nyan's Ball Lightning (5e Spell)

Level 5 Spells

Superspeed Spheres (5e Spell)

Level 6 Spells

Nyan's Investiture of Lightning (5e Spell) Yes, Investiture of Lightning already exists on this wiki. That didn't stop me purely because that version of the spell didn't give you immunity to lightning damage or resistance to thunder damage, which is my favorite part of the Investiture spells.

Level 9 Spells

Nyan's Light Speed Dash (5e Spell) This is my new favorite homebrew creation of mine of all time. I really want a second opinion on how good it is though.

Stardown (5e Spell)

Level 10?

Enhanced Permanency (5e Spell)

Perfect Wish (5e Spell)

Purge Evil or Good (5e Spell) This spell might be a little controversial, but it's designed more as a plot device than a spell, an option for winning a campaign, rather than a tool for normal use.

Resurrection From Beyond (5e Spell) I'll be honest, 10th level magic miiiight just exist to 1-up 9th level magic.

Tame (5e Spell)

Violet Inferno (5e Spell)


The Neo Greater Material Plane Project

Greater Bunny (5e Creature)

Greater Flying Squirrel (5e Creature)

Greater Fire Ant (5e Creature)

Greater Sugar Ant (5e Creature)

Enhanced Existence Project

Blue Whale (5e Creature)

Grand Vampire (5e Creature)

Golden Goose (5e Creature)

Night Howler (5e Creature) Thanks to SirSprinkles for his help refining the page's grammar and coding. I mean, I was going to do that myself (Since I'm going to use the creature in my current campaign and it was a rough draft), but I still appreciate the help.

Nyan Kajan (5e Creature)

Panicked Hat of Wonders (5e Creature) This should only be used for an encounter with a Hat of Wonders that has gotten out of control. It should be rather unlikely that the players encounter this without being the cause of it.

Shawn Spellblade (5e Creature)

Spell Weaver (5e Creature) How has no one made this yet?

Vicious Obsideon (5e Creature) So this is an incomplete page, but Coaldstone thought removing half of it would make it complete. Clearly, I need to finish the stat block. Making spell lists for creatures on this wiki is tedious, sorry.


The Neo Greater Material Plane (5e Environment) Note: As a massive project I undertook, the location is completed at this point at least as a rough draft, but creatures that exist within it still need to be made to give some idea of the types of encounters that can be had. So it's only kinda complete.

Character Options[edit]


Survivor (5e Background)


Falco? (5e Optimized Character Build) Thanks to D20Deity for helping to improve this build further!


Classless (5e Class) This is a legacy version of the class. Later changes were made to give it more power, but at least one player was already using it, so I made the reborn version to allow both parties (Those that are using it and those that want it to be stronger) what they want.

Classless Reborn (5e Class)

Seer (5e Class) Well THAT took some effort. I wish there was a better way to organize a spell list and still link to each spell. Of course, I also wish there were spells from official content other than the PHB on this wiki, but I know why that hasn't happened and know it probably can't, so it's whatever really.


Force of Inspiration (5e Feat)

Heated Caster (5e Feat)

Metallic Caster (5e Feat)

Nature Attuned Shapeshift (5e Feat)

Refined Tremorsense (5e Feat)

Siege Caster (5e Feat)

Safecasting (5e Feat)

True Caster Revised (5e Feat)


Gemstonians (5e Race) Had to make some sacrifices here to prevent the race from being too complicated or OP. Still might be, but this was the best I could do for it while keeping the original vision intact.

Lesser Dragons (5e Race) I've been thinking about how I would go about making this and it not being broken for a very long time. If it still is in your opinion, I'd love to hear about what I might fix to make this race as perfectly implementable yet unmistakably you're a dragon as possible.

Skeletons Reborn! (5e Race) Hehe. Oxymoron.


Circle of the Clock (5e Subclass) TIME WITCH! Awesome, though I did just realize I could have made Bayonetta and totally didn't. To be fair, she's probably a Warlock.

Lore Savant (5e Subclass) Based on Lore Master to bring some much needed power to an otherwise fairly underwhelming and broken class (Besides the like, two strategies which are super overpowered with the class instead, because of course things can't be simple.)

Spellblade Sorcerer Subclass (5e Subclass) The arbitrary Sorcerer Subclass part of this name is because there are quite a few interpretations of the Spellblade on this wiki. This is mine, because come on guys obviously they're Sorcerers. Okay, debatable, but still.

HELP: Uuuugh. I've just made ANOTHER better interpretation of the Spellblade. It's even better designed (Less wordy and weird) than the previous two, but three versions of a single subclass is just ridiculous. What should I dooo? If you see this, please leave your suggestion(s) in the discussion page of this page. Maybe I'd re-flavor it as a "Dragon Soul" subclass (Even though it's the same lore) idk.

For Context, here's the new version's features.

Bonus Proficiencies: At level 1, you gain proficiency with light armor, medium armor, shields, shortswords, rapiers, and longswords. You can use a weapon as a spellcasting focus while you hold it.

Arcane Smite: At level 1, you can use the power of magic to augment your strikes. When you hit with a melee weapon attack, you can expend one spellslot to deal additional damage to the target. The extra damage is 3d6 for a 1st-level spell slot, plus 1d6 for each spell level higher than 1st, to a maximum of of 6d6. You can choose the damage type for this damage from acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage.

Extra Attack: At 6th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

Undaunted: At 14th level, you learn the Tenser's Transformation spell and can cast it as a bonus action. It counts as a Sorcerer spell for you, and when you cast it, it doesn't require concentration. Finally, you can cast it using 6 Sorcery Points, instead of using a spellslot.

Alternative (I haven't decided yet): At 14th level, whenever you deal damage with a melee weapon attack, you gain temporary hit points equal to the damage you dealt. These temporary hit points last until the start of your next turn. Additionally, all of your melee weapon attacks can be augmented by your magic more easily. Your melee weapon attacks deal an extra 1d6 force damage.

Sorcerous Secrets: At 18th level, the discipline of your study and the power of your magic have allowed you to learn more spells. Choose four (or 3, I haven't decided yet) spells from any classes, including this one. A spell you choose must be of a level you can cast, as shown on the Sorcerer table, or a cantrip.

The chosen spells count as sorcerer spells for you.

Way of the Mystic (5e Subclass) We are now 2/2 for Monk subclasses I never thought I'd make.

Way of the Swamp Guardians (5e Subclass) This might be broken or underpowered I'm not sure. But, I DO know it's definitely not balanced.

Non-Creature Encounters[edit]


Baneweaver Curse (5e Curse)

Witch's Curse (5e Curse)


Alkali Fever (5e Disease)

Scale Sickness/Dragon Lycanthropy (5e Disease)


Manchineel Trees (5e Hazard)

Time Flower (5e Hazard)


Devilish Doors (5e Trap)


Ability Score Rolling Redux (5e Variant Rule)

Dragon Lycanthropy (5e Variant Rule)

Level 20 Reborn! (5e Variant Rule) Long time coming.

Major Threat Weapons Legacy (5e Variant Rule) Old, bad, outdated and with a ton of problems. This page only still exists in case someone actually uses it, but you shouldn't and my improved understanding of the rules of D&D has led me to make a sleeker, newer, MUCH simpler version I'd recommend using instead. It's the next entry if that's not clear already.

Major Threat Weapons Reborn! (5e Variant Rule)

Multiarch Classing (5e Variant Rule)

Permanent Potions (5e Variant Rule) And all associated items related to the default ones. Homebrew potions with permanent versions will be displayed on this page, otherwise I did not create them.

Point Buy, But Better! (5e Variant Rule) Okay, the title is a bit much, but it does get the point across I suppose?

System Shock: A Hard Limit to Lives (5e Variant Rule)

Unique Item Rarity (5e Variant Rule)



Boon of Abyss Mastery (5e Epic Boon)

Boon of the Biomancer (5e Epic Boon)

Boon of the Fearless Assault (5e Epic Boon)

Boon of the Heart of Heroes (5e Epic Boon)

Boon of Magical Secrets (5e Epic Boon) Instantly my favorite and named after the Bard class feature of the same name. Now you can have ALL THE 9TH-LEVEL SPELLS MWAHAHA!!! It's also consequently a better Boon of the Weave... WELP.

Boon of the Servant (5e Epic Boon)

Boon of the True Caster (5e Epic Boon)

Boon of the Weave (5e Epic Boon)


Blessing of the Dragon's Mark (5e Blessing)

Blessing of the Heir (5e Blessing)


Aethon Sol (5e Deity) Aethon made The Faint Of Heart, a divine Guild and Pantheon you can use in your game. I haven't finished writing it yet, so be patient.

Neero Seess (5e Deity) The youngest member of the Guild, but also the one who's story is most reliant on its existence. The page also reveals that there are at least 8 of these deities. So, yes, I am coming up a bit short. Still working on it.

Teal Downcast (5e Deity) Fun Fact: Teal and Downcast are both synonyms for the word blue, under different meanings.

Fixing Others' Pages[edit]

Sometimes I come across a page on the wiki where I know what the intention of the maker is but some thing about the work was broken or poorly stated. So I'll fix it and show them here. The fixes are only for minor changes, so these works are still explicitly NOT my creation.


Hushrooms (5e Hazard)


Burning Box (5e Trap) This actually didn't need changes, only to be moved to a page. So I did, and thanks to SirSprinkles, it was removed from the traps section page to its own entry in the traps section.

Wondrous Items[edit]

Cloak of Eldritch Outgrowth (5e Equipment) All the mechanics were there for this item, but none of it was formatted well.


Cloak of Kewil (5e Equipment) This item didn't need changes (Actually, it probably isn't balanced and it can't be fully destroyed) but it DID need spell check, if only a little. I like it though.


Accelerate/Decelerate (5e Spell) This page calls the spell a cantrip but made it appear as a 1st-level spell, so I changed it to a cantrip by putting it at level 0.

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