Ioun Gauntlet (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, artifact (Requires attunement)

This bronze gauntlet refits itself to its wearer, and feels incredibly comfortable, like a fine silk glove in spite of being made of what should be solid metal. It appears to move in ways that a metal gauntlet shouldn't be capable of, avoiding impeding any movements as if you weren't wearing it at all.
Random Properties. The Ioun Gauntlet has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 0 major detrimental properties

Slots. This Gauntlet has little power on its own, but carries 7 indentations that appear to fit a perfect sphere. Regardless of the shape of the chosen stone, placing an Ioun Stone into an indentation attunes it to you, and makes it behave as if orbiting you while the indentation molds its shape to fit the stone within. Ioun Stones that would normally be obtuse to fit into the gauntlet appear to sink into the indentation, leaving only a small bit of it exposed even if it should appear impossible to sink that deep into the gauntlet. Each Ioun Stone attuned through any of the gauntlet's properties counts as only a single attunement, the attunement of the gauntlet itself. The properties of Ioun Stones that normally allow creatures to snatch them away or break them while being used do not apply to any Ioun Stone placed into this gauntlet. Placing an Ioun Stone into an indentation takes an Action, and another Action allows you to remove one, instantly ending its attunement to you.

Guidance. If all 7 indentations have Ioun Stones in them, the full power of the gauntlet is revealed. You fall under the effects of an 8th Ioun Stone of the DM's choice that you aren't already attuned to or have placed into the gauntlet. You cannot attune to an identical Ioun Stone while you are attuned to the gauntlet and under the effects of this property. The gauntlet itself creates this effect, and therefore the properties that normally allow creatures to snatch Ioun Stones away or break them while being used do not apply to this 8th effect.

Destroying the Ioun Gauntlet. This gauntlet becomes completely inert and nonmagical if every Ioun Stone in existence is destroyed, or if Ioun herself is obliterated.

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