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Boon of the Heart of Heroes[edit]

You've gained a power beyond normal magic, something even deities fear to step on.

You have the ability to expend all of your remaining Hit Dice as an action in a magical explosion, healing yourself and any creatures you choose within 30 feet of you with them. Alternatively, you can expend all of your remaining Hit Dice to do the same, causing damage equal to your hit dice roll of a damage type of your choice from the following: Fire, Lightning, Bludgeoning (Appearing as Earth), Slashing (Appearing as Water), Cold, Force, or Psychic. Deities that can be damaged and creatures with a CR equal to or higher than your level are vulnerable to this damage unless they are immune to the type you choose. If they are resistant to it, the vulnerability cancels it out and is canceled out, dealing normal damage instead.

If you use this Boon to attack in any way, you immediately fall unconscious for an hour if you kill any of your targets. This is magical sleep, and can be dealt with by any magic that awakens you, but non-magical means to do so fail. If you kill any creature or deal at least 100 damage with your attack, this sleep is instead for 48 hours unless something awakens you. If you fall asleep from this in any way and something awakens you before the end of the timeframe, you gain an Exhaustion point unless you refuse to get up.


Besides a normal attack, a good-aligned creature can choose to banish any creatures they choose within 120 feet of them as if the Banishment spell is cast on them. This also causes the above magical sleep. If the creature(s) banished are not from the plane they're on when this effect hits them, the Banishment is permanent, requiring them to find a new way to the plane to return.

A neutral-aligned creature (That isn't Neutral Good or Evil) can choose to teleport themselves and any creatures they choose within 120 feet of them to anywhere in existence as if hit by a Plane Shift (Or Teleport if you choose the same Plane) spell, with all the accuracies and mishap potential that implies. An unwilling creature doesn't go with the user. This always causes an 48 hour magical sleep unless awakened.

An evil-aligned creature meanwhile can use all their focus to force a creature that isn't a deity to make a Constitution saving throw against the user's spell save DC (17 if they don't have one or have one that's under 17). This deals 200 piercing damage and Petrifies the target on a failed save, or 100 on a successful one without becoming Petrified unless the damage kills the target. This always causes a 48 hour magical sleep unless awakened.

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