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Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Parasol 50 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 10 lb. Improvised, Finesse, Heavy, Special, Versatile (1d8)

A Parasol is a large, sturdy umbrella made to provide shade for multiple people from the sun. Due to its nature and odd shape, having proficiency in Martial weapons doesn't give the wielder proficiency in the parasol. However, proficiency in Improvised, Finesse, Heavy, or Special weapons does give proficiency with the parasol, and the proficiency can also be sought out through any other means allowed in your game (Such as training, etc.). Wiki Note: A umbrella doesn't have to be a parasol to use this stat block for it, it is a variant of the other umbrella stat blocks on this wiki. If using a normal umbrella with this stat block, it should weigh 2 lbs, deal 1d4 instead of 1d6, not have the versatile property. and have the Light property instead of the Heavy property.

Special Block

The parasol can be used as a shield as well as a weapon, giving a +2 bonus to the wielders' AC when open; but being unable to be used as a weapon while open. A bonus action can open or close the parasol, and it follows all of the rules and restrictions of a shield (Can't have 2 shields, etc.). If being used as a shield and it blocks an attack, the weapon takes damage from blocking the attack. This damage only affects the shielding ability, and causes it to have 1 less of a bonus to the wielders' AC each time it takes this damage. If this damage causes it to have no bonus, it loses the ability to shield attacks, and loses its Special property. To determine if the parasol blocked the attack, determine the wielders' AC without it. If an attack hit that number or higher but didn't hit the wielder, it was blocked by the parasol. Rarely, a different version of the item can be made, with the intent of it being used specifically for combat. If this is the case, the weapon can block attacks and won't take damage for doing so. Perhaps the weapon was made with some super sturdy cloth, or simply has folding wood or metal instead. It may also have a higher cost, at the DM's discretion, but shouldn't cost more than maybe 100 gold pieces for a mundane one. An enchanted (Not mundane) version with the Unbreakable property, or an Artifact version, can also ignore this damage to its shielding even if it's otherwise not made for combat, unless if this damage is the specific way the weapon is meant to be destroyed.

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