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The item appears to be a mundane stick, carved into a rounded shape with symbols (Celestial Language for the phrase "Into this darkness.") carved into it. It burns much longer than normal firewood, allowing a fire to last for an entire night instead of dimming over time. This also gives the fire a coloration, usually the same color as the wood (Most commonly, the wood's coloration is blue-tinted, but it can be any normal color). It can be used as a torch, or placed with other firewood to spread it's effect to the other fuel in the fire. Either way, it can burn for 8+1D4 hours without dying out, though normal methods of stopping the fire work as well. Cost is by stick, which always has a single use, even if it is put out before being burnt completely. The properties of the Pyre Fuel cannot spread very far from their origin to other burnable sources, and won't alter a fire that grows larger than a bonfire. If this is attempted, the Pyre Fuel is wasted.

Cost: 2gp
Weight: 1lb

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