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Hello There! My name is Erlek thunder weaver wizard to all and weapon marker to some. I have come to grow my work and craft items of both awesome power and every day purpose. So will you join me in my quest or are you here to take me down? chose a side young adventurer fate awaits!

Terms I use[edit]

  • S.E.S.=Someone Else Started this I edited a lot of it.
  • W.I.P.=Work In Progress.
  • N.T.U.D.=Needs To be Up-Dated.

5e Subraces I have made[edit]

Dwarf Sub-races[edit]

Halfling Sub-races[edit]

Elf Sub-races[edit]

5e Feats I have made[edit]







5e Diseases and curses I have made[edit]

5e Equipment I have made[edit]

5e Magical Weapons[edit]

5e Artifacts[edit]

5e Epic Boons I have made[edit]

5e Deities I have made[edit]

Lesser Deity[edit]

The Forest Lord (5e Deity)

Hope you all enjoy my content! Also, any content in any of these post that resembles that of things that have copyright is either a mistake or a derivative work on that thing! And to be clear when I say that I a "Made" an item that does not mean I own everything about it I only created the post and the info to put into D&D!--Erlek Thunder weaver (talk | contribs | email)

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