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The 117 Armor(Copyright 343 Industries & Microsoft)

Armor (plate), artifact (requires attunement by a good-aligned creature with 18 or higher Strength and Constitution)

History: In The early years of Faerun, there was once a tale that told of a knight who stood in a war camp preparing for battle. He knew he could not win this fight, so he prayed to the heavens for help. At that moment, a thundering crack could be heard in the sky. The knight, thinking it could be enemy forces, grabbed his horse and his sword and rode toward the sound. As he quickly rode fourth, he noticed a large crater. As he approaches the impact site, he noticed a large coffin-like box in the middle of the crash. The knight then proceeded to dismount and go investigate the coffin-like box. Upon further inspection, he found a hand like impression on the box and proceeded to place his hand on it. The knight was instantly stung by a needle, making him recoil and fall back in shock. As he recoiled from the sting, the knight gazed upon the box, which opened and lifted up an armor rack, holding a set of armor. Recovering from the shock, the knight inspected the set of the armor. The armor itself was green with a black underdress that appeared to cover all of the body. As the knight stood there wondering if the gods had heard his call, he decided to put on the armor, and as soon as he donned the armor, it became bound to him till the day he dies.

Marked for War: When you are attuned to this armor, put it on, and don't take it off after 1 minute, the armor becomes molded to your body, becoming impossible to take off while you're alive and for 200 years after you die. Also, when you are wearing this suit of armor, any creature of fiend, fey, or celestial origin will also act semi-hostile to you. You now have advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks against fiend, fey, and celestial creatures.

Beyond Mortal Ability: While you wear this armor, you gain proficiency with one of the following saving throws of your choice Constitution, Strength, Wisdom or Dexterity, plus your Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity ability score increases by 2 as does your maximum for that score.

Greater and Lighter than Steel: You have a +2 bonus to your AC while wearing this plate armor in addition to its additional benefits. When you wear this armor, your movement speed increases by 5 feet and when you make a Dexterity saving throw to take half damage, you can instead use your reaction to take no damage if you pass and half damage if you fail.

Spartan Focus: You can as a bonus action focus on unleashing the armor's upper limits. three rounds of combat after activating this property, the armor activates, giving you a +2 bonus to your AC, resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, slashing, fire, cold, thunder, necrotic and radiant damage while also increasing your movement speed by 5 feet for 1 minute. After this effect ends, you gain a level of exhaustion. You may use this property twice and the armor regains one use of this property daily at dawn.

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