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Lathander's Spark (I do not claim to own this image)Sorce:[1]

Armor (plate), artifact (Requires Attunement by a creature that's been Chosen by the god Lathander.)

History: Long ago in lands long since past a war was fought between mortals and devils. Many men and women lived and died to protect their faith against the onslaught of fiend and demons one of these religions was that of Lathander god of light and war he saw the carnage that was taking place and decided enough was enough. He set to work creating a weapon so powerful it would tip the scale of the war and so he created a Legendary shield imbued with his power.

Divine Construction: Lathander's Spark is a magic plate armor that grants a +2 bonus to AC in addition to a normal plate armor AC bonus. You also gain advantage against all checks and saves that try to forcefully move you or that tries to knock you prone. Only the Chosen of Lathander may wield this plate armor any other creature that tries to pick this armor up can't no matter how strong they are.

Blessing of Light: When Wearing the Lathander's Spark You can as a bonus action sprout or put away two wings made of radiant energy when you do this you gain 5 hours worth of flight per week(Your fly speed is 25ft).

Overcome the Darkness: One Time per week you can call forth the pure radiant energy of Lathander as a bonus action to empower you with his holy light and destroy those who would mean to cast darkness on others. As an action, you can call forth radiant energy that stays within the armor that lasts for 1 minute that bestows the following benefits: You take half damage from all damage, your movement speed is increased by 20ft, and you gain an extra 2d6+Wisdom radiant damage on top of all damage while this ability Is active.

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