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The Draco Callidus(MAX DAVENPORT Owns this art)

Weapon (greataxe), artifact (Requires Attunement by a chosen Humanoid(The DM choses whos worthy)

History: A long time ago there lived the Iron-Hide Empire a powerful kingdom that as always stood against tyrants and evils alike. they had for many years been the most powerful kingdom in all of Hodom (or wherever your story takes place) standing the test of time and the tests of steel and might against the orc hordes. For hundreds of years, the Iron-Hide Empire they have stood tall and proud whoever in the South there arose a challenger the Quin´Vin Dynasty the Quin and the Vin had for years hated each other however thanks to planning and cunning of the Quin and Vin dragon protectors they became one and not only did this new Dynasty threaten the Iron-Hide Empire but to make sure that dragons puppets would be able to win any war or battle they created a new draconic bloodline for the new dynasty this new bloodline had allowed their newest leader to be a force to be reckoned with. Their leader at the time was Mogeon, Lord Of The Red he had powerful magic thanks to his bloodline and increased strength he had almost no equal but one. In the city of White Gate, there lived a young man known as Elan he was a farmer for most of his life but after he had killed orc camp by himself he was given knighthood. elan was a common man he held no magic nor any special gifts only that of his strength and his determination he was to be placed in Higgon to reinforce the barracks in the dwarf city. When he arrived he found a close friend in a dwarf known as Grildren Smith-Stone a famous smith among the dwarves for crafting powerful artifacts. After some time Grildren said to Elan to go to the darkest hole in the caves in the city and retrieve one ore of his choice Elan followed his instructions and found this strange glowing green rock he took it too Grildren and he used it to make him a weapon unlike any hed ever made in that week of smithing and work a powerful great ax was born. A day after the construction of the great ax destiny called the Quin´Vin Dynasty had launched a surprise war against the Iron-Hide empire. When Elan heard this he raced to sekby the trading city next to Higgon and he got there Mogeon was already razing the city he raced ahead of everyone and charged the front lines of the Quin´Vin army one man versus a wave. He fought for three hours until Mogeon finally decided to face him in combat one ordinary man Vs a man who had everything given to him. they fought for five hours it was intense however that day a lesson was learned never test the determination of a man Elan struck down his foe and cleaved him in half thus earning the ax its name Draco Callidus or in common Dragon Clever. The rest of the war was a standstill and eventually the White-Gate treaty was signed which put Sekby and Iyore in the Quin´Vin Dynasty´s control which made the Iron-Hide Empire angry. Elan after the war became the new Emporer and is still alive to this day 50 years later.

Powerful Construction: Draco Callidus is a magic weapon that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. When you strike a creature with this blade you also do an additional 1d6+Con Cold damage or fire damage (you decide what damage it is before you roll). This weapon can break through magical barriers if you charge up the attack for a turn then attack next turn. This weapon also has the siege feature so that it can break through objects(siege means you automatically roll max damage against inanimate objects).

Commanding presence: Draco Callidus exudes a very commanding aura around It to the point that it even your foes can't escape it! You know the 5e SRD:Guidance cantrip and you can also cast the 5e SRD:Command spell at third level once per short rest the spell save for this is 18. You also gain advantage against effects that try to control you.

Dragon clever: When you strike an enemy and they are of dragon blood you instead of doing an additional 1d6 damage you instead deal 2d6+con+proficiency modifier cold or fire damage. When this weapon strikes undead, fiend or demon you deal 2d6+con cold or fire damage. Also whenever you try to intimidate a creature of dragon blood or is a dragon you gain advantage on intimidation checks.

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