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The Clerici Clypeus(this image is from the Dark souls frachise owned by FromSoftware I do not claim to own anything)

Armor (shield), artifact (Requires Attunement by a creature that's good alined and has at least a 17 in Wisdom.)

History: Long ago in lands long since past a war was fought between mortals and devils. This war ravaged the lands and its resources were starting to fade the war had killed thousands. One day a group of five appeared this group proceeded to plunge deep into the lines of the devils and made it Asmodeus himself they gave him a choice return back to the hells or be defeated Asmodeus laughed at the mortals and started to do battle with them Asmodeus a god vs mortals of unknown origin. they did battle for three days and in the end, the mortals won and brought peace they later went too far off lands.

Holy Construction: Clerici Clypeus is a magic shield that grants a +2 bonus to AC in addition to a normal shields AC bonus. This shield can magically transform into a gauntlet or back into a shield as a bonus action.

Blessing of the Norse gods: when wielding the Clerici Clypeus you know the 5e SRD:Ray of Frost cantrip this does not count toward how many cantrips you know. you also can cast the 5e SRD:Beacon of Hope spell once per long rest. Wisdom is your spell casting for these abilities.

Light the darkness: as a bonus action you make this shield glow with a bright light out to 35 feet and dim light out to 45 for 4 turns of combat you can do this two times per long rest. Any Undead creature, Fiend, Demon that is within the radius of the Dim light is slowed by five feet while any within the bright light is slowed by ten feet. You can as a free action make this shield glow weakly with a bright light out to 20 feet and dim light out to 30 feet.

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