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The Orb of Leadership(Copyright Hasbro)

Wondrous Item, artifact (Requires Attunement by a chosen Humanoid(The DM choses whos worthy)

History: In The Begining of time there was a war between the gods and the elder elemental's this war has caused much of the effects that we now see every day like Undead or rifts to which the elemental planes spill out. But during this time a new race was created by the gods the 13 Primes this race of humanoids look like normal humans only much taller and usually having a near-perfect body's this race was created alongside the angels to help fight not only the elemental but also the devils. After much time the war was won and the primes built a temple on the moon of "Hodom" This temple acted as their main sanctuary. After the war, they were assigned to help aid the new races of the material plane to grow and stay safe from foreign entities however after some time one of the primes was corrupted by greed and sin he struck down almost all of his fellow primes and tried to claim the material plane for his own. However, one prime did survive his attack and asked the gods to assist him in taking down the corrupted the god of the primes came fourth and gifted upon him The Orb of Leadership a powerful artifact that can light the darkest of hours and bring order back material plane. The battle between the two primes was intense but in the end, the chosen won. He then for the rest of his long life watched over the material plane and kept it safe however he would one day die so he set in place the knights of order a group of dedicated beings that will choose the bearer of The Orb of Leadership. Now thousands of years later the time has come for a new prime to stand and claim The Orb of Leadership the knights of order now look for some who has a certain touch.

The Transformation: You grab The Orb of Leadership by its handles and a bright lights form around you as in a moment you are transformed into a prime your past life is gone! When you first transform you will experience vast changes to your body and mind to the point that you do not perceive your self as the same person anymore and you decide to take a new name. Examples of Prime names: Prime Nova, Guardian Prime, Zeta Prime, Sentinel Prime, Optimus Prime, and Rodimus Prime. you also gain new Ideals and Bonds with your new identity. After the transformation, you will view your old self as a different being yet the same but you know that your new form is greater and holds more responsibility.

Ideals D6
1) Virtue. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings! (Good)
2) Virtue. We must not stoop to their level. Devils will not defeat us this easily! (Lawful)
3) Justice. Justice Must be upheld no matter the crime! (Lawful)
4) Justice. When a word is spoken and given it must be upheld. (Lawful)
5) Wissdom. Action before thought is never the answer! (Neutral)
6) Virtue. I will fight anything that is evil no matter the foe! (Chaotic)
Bonds D4
1) My past is alien to me I hope one day I can get in touch with my old self.
2) This The Orb of Leadership gave me this new life I will make it proud!
3) The Knights of Order gave me this chance to be a leader I will show that I am one!
4) My Team has followed me to the ends of the earth I hope I do not fail them.

Prime Physique: When someone is chosen by The Orb of Leadership their body is transformed into that of a prime. When you are chosen by The Orb of Leadership you gain +2 to your spellcasting ability score or if you do not have a spellcasting ability score you can add +2 to one of the following saving throws Dexterity,Constitution or Strength, you also gain a +1 to three saving throws of your choice(it can't be the +2 bonus applies) and you gain a +1 to Strength ability score,+1 to Dexterity ability score and +2 Constitution ability score. When you go through this transformation you grow in size to the tallest your race can grow and appear more muscular you also tend to gain a deeper voice. (this trait of growing and appearing more muscular does not matter on race or gender it changes you none the less.)

Prime Mind: When you transform into a prime you also gain advantage against being charmed and you are immune to the Frightened condition. you also have advantage to being put to sleep.

Prime focus: As a prime, you can focus and steel yourself to face any challenge! If you fail an attack or ability check, You can choose to succeed instead. (2/day) Recharges after Two days.

Light Our Darkest Hour: When it gets to tuff you can call upon the power of The Orb of Leadership. When you are put to the test and things get too tuff you can call upon The Orb of Leadership to light the darkest of hours how you do this is when you are in a tuff spot you call forth The Orb of Leadership from within yourself and and speak aloud ¨Light our darkest hour!¨ one of two things will happen after(this will be decided by your DM). One thing that could happen is that it does nothing or instead it could cast a powerful 500ft spell that Only hits creatures and objects of evil and vile content. When an Evil or vile creature is inside this casting it takes 50D20+50 Radiant damage Ignoring resistance and Radiant immunity becomes Radiant resistance when calculating damage for this spell. This feature can only be used three times before The Orb of Leadership is emptied of its power when it is emptied you revert back to your normal form losing all bonuses form The Orb of Leadership. There is only one way to repower The Orb of Leadership you must go to the temple of the Knights of order located on the moon of ¨Hodom¨(or wherever your campaign is taking place) and you must prove your self once more to not only the knights but also the primes god Primus.

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