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i like the idea of this. but i feel at the begining levels you should be a dragon wyrmling and make them a bit weaker but at higher levels make them like young and adult.--Erlek Thunder weaver (talk | contribs | email) 09:03, 31 May 2018 (MDT)


I didn't realize until after I made the split that it has a 'composite character' category. Is this an actual thing? I thought race, and class pages were supposed to be entirely seperate? I've seen a couple times where both a race, and a class, have the design note that they're supposed to be mutually exclusive. I apologize if I just messed stuff up. Coaldstone (talk) 08:48, 16 January 2019 (MST)

I've seen these around and ignore them because there isn't consensus on the best way to handle it. Feel free to start the discussion and good luck! ~ BigShotFancyMan (talk) 09:04, 16 January 2019 (MST)

Hey There[edit]

Stumbled upon this race and saw the class that went with it and really enjoyed it, went through and did some very minor changes (mostly clarifying implied information) and I want your feedback on it, hope you enjoy. Notdndwiki

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