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Who I am[edit]

 I'm Flicker. Star Wars fan, female, Jedi Knight, DM for a Pokémon-themed campaign, Deck Master (got to level 10 thanks to the mighty Deck!), somewhere in beautiful Europe.
 My Opinion on several things (if you care). Best Pokémon anime generation: Sun and Moon (VII)    DMing or Playing: Playing    Best DND build: by far the renowed drow fighter (gunslinger)

My Characters[edit]

 Julie- 10th level high elf rogue, has an awakened hippogriff buddy named Aragorn after the novel character. Black hair and green eyes, intelligence 17 (Julie is as smart as a beholder!)
 Alydia- 8th level drow gunslinger, has a pet mechatressym called Caliope.
 Flicker- 1st level sorcerer, 6th level shadow monk, fire vee, casts loads of fire bolts. Julie's apprentice. My user was named after her!
 Petro- 6th level ranger, half-avariel (avariel are winged elves), has a griffon mount called Platinum.
 Chriscat- 8th level Tabaxi bard (college of lore), makes a LOT of bad jokes.

What I work on[edit]

Here's one of the pages where I pulled my weight but got reverted: Vee (5e Race) Please stop reverting my edits without announcing me first.

My custom race: Blessed Vee (5e Race), inspired by the above Vee.

Another race: Unusual Beholder (5e Race)

Also, if someone not logged in is editing my pages, that's probably me.

Supreme "Pokétrainer" Build![edit]

First, get forest gnome for your race. Then, pick the druid class, get 3 levels, multiclass in ranger with 4 levels over there in beast master, and pick a panther companion. Voila, an Incineroar! Use forest gnome abillity to befriend a rat (more like a Rattata!) and then multiclass 3 levels in artificer, battle smith. Make your steel defender be...a Rotom! Take Magic Initiate and get Find Familiar, then pick a quipper, and you got a Magikarp! You now have 4 Pokémon-like creatures of average power. The panther deals damage, the rat can spy on others, the defender can give you advantage, and the quipper is, well, just cute. Druid is optional and just for flavor. You can also try to befriend an arctic fox for an Alolan Vulpix.

Mawyo Race[edit]

The Mawyo are mysterious, cat-like humanoids inhabiting the Eastern-themed world of Loalia. There are two kinds of Mawyo, Skrealian and Leolan. Skrealia and Leola are two continents on Loalia. Skrealian Mawyo are more focused on Yoga and Tai Chi. Leolan Mawyo are more focused on Karate and other martial arts. Skrealian Mawyo have ears that start at the top of their heads and end where a human's ears would start. Leolan Mawyo have ears that look like oversized, furry elf ones with their tips curled upwards.

Skrealian Mawyo typically have white fur and Leolan ones have golden fur. Each region of Loalia has a deity. Skrea is the moon goddess of Skrealia, and Leo is the sun god of Leola.

The cities of Skrealia are Kalia, Kaopolis, Laria, Karo City, and Kreo.

The cities of Leola are Racryss, Aari, Kredase, Saro City, and Salyss.

When a Skrealian Mawyo is born with a crescent moon on their tailtip they are known as a Child of Skrea. When a Leolan Mawyo is born with a mane, he (this happens only on males) is known as a Son of Leo.

Skrealian Mawyo wear long, waving clothing and go barefoot. This symbolizes freedom. Leolan Mawyo wear tight, rigid clothing that is still large enough to allow the legs to move properly and always wear heavy boots. This symbolizes honor and tradition.

Mawyo Racial Traits[edit]

Mawyo, the gracious cat-people of Loalia.

Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 1.
Age. Mawyo are quite long-lived, their usual lifespan being about 600 years.
Alignment. Skrealian Mawyo love freedom and are usually chaotic good. Leolan Mawyo are bound to a code of honor and tradition in battle and generally lack compassion, tending toward lawful neutral and lawful evil.
Size. Skrealian Mawyo are tall and willowy, reaching even 7 feet. Leolan Mawyo are sturdy and slightly shorter, averaging about 5 feet. Your size is Medium.
Speed. You have a walking speed of 30 feet. You also have a climbing speed of 20 feet while your claws are unsheathed.
Claws. Your paws have claws. When you make an unarmed strike using one of your paws with your claws unsheathed, you deal an extra 1d6 slashing damage. Sheathing your claws or unsheathing them does not take an action.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Mawyo, and one other language of your choice. Mawyo has several words that sound like gibberish to those that do not know it.
Subrace. There are two kinds of Mawyo, Skrealian and Leolan.

Skrealian Mawyo[edit]

The Skrealian Mawyo enjoy peace, and a few of them have developed the ability to use something resembling psionics.

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2.
Artist. You have expertise with your choice of mason's tools or painter's supplies.
Tai Chi. Your base walking speed is 35 feet. You also have proficiency in Acrobatics.
Psi Potential. On character creation, roll a d100. On a natural 89 or higher, you know the mage hand cantrip and can cast it with NO components. The mage hand is invisible when you cast the spell using this trait.

Leolan Mawyo[edit]

The Leolan Mawyo are strict and rigid, delighting in battling others.

Ability Score Increase. Your choice of Strength or Constitution increases by 2.
Trained for Battle. You are proficient with light armor, shortswords, scimitars, and longswords.
Closed Mind. Leolan Mawyo are very rigid. You have advantage on rolls made to avoid being charmed or confused.
Learned. You have proficiency in History. In addition, you have a +10 to rolls made related to war.

D100 Art Objects and Trinkets for you to find (WIP)[edit]


1. A shortsword/longsword/scimitar scabbard made from artificial leopard fur. The scabbard is studded with chunks of sapphire. This scabbard belongs to an aprentice sorcerer.

2. A beautiful, fluffy choker with a pearl. The choker can also serve as a winter scarf. This choker was made by a queen for her 10-year old daughter.

3. A golden statuette of a fox. The statuette was crafted as a gift to an elven queen.

4. A silver locket shaped like a heart. Inside is the portrait of a male arcanaloth. If you speak to the portrait, the arcanaloth depicted smiles, his eyes filled with melancholy. This locket was crafted by the arcanaloth depicted for his lover, a female rakshasa.

5. A large rug. It's so soft, it can double as a large blanket. This blanket was made by a half-elf hunter for his husky dog.

6. A beautiful portrait of a Tabaxi with black fur and green eyes. The name "Night" is written at the bottom of the canvas with blue ink.

7. An ebony figurine of a halfling tripping over a log.

8. A finely crafted stuffed catfolk with eyes from green buttons. Its ruffled orange fur is made from dyed cotton.

Quest Items[edit]

9. A golden statuette representing a winged serpent. The snake's eyes are made out of emeralds. In Chult, where it was created, such a statuette is very valuable and considered a good luck charm. Potentially connected to nr. 10

10. A letter in a black envelope. It says: "Dear traveler who finds this letter, many come to Chult seeking their fortune but few ever return. Pirates and dangerous beasts lurk in the jungle, and a lich king lures adventurers into his tomb to feed his phylactery with their souls. But you have my blessing, and I assure you it will be of great help. I don't know if the letter is found unharmed, but my blessing is found in the envelope. Pull its tail when you're out of luck. Beware the merchant princes." It's signed with a feather stuck to the paper. When you find it, part of the envelope seems to have been torn to take some small object inside, and there's no sign of the object the author mentioned.

What I want[edit]

~Hope you get through the pandemic!

Oh, and, one more thing:

 Caliope the cat is hungry. Please donate fishes on the talk page by saying: Here's a fish. Thank you if you do. Fishes so far: 1. We can do better! (:
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