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Hi. I like to edit stuff when I'm bored.

I don't really do balance, but sometimes things just seem too good to be true.

If you know how to find image sources, I would love you over here.

Currently trying to work on Formatting in 3.5e.

Pages I find useful:

Design suggestions:

  • HTML comments are there for guidance, so remove them when you've finished a section.
  • Most abbreviations are for player sheets, and not races, classes, equipment, etc.
  • Always preview the page one last time before publishing.
  • You can learn a lot from your watchlist; don't ignore it.
Wiki Code Result
'' '' italics.
''' ''' bold.
''''' ''''' bold italics.
{{5a| }} Abilities.
{{5c| }} Conditions.
{{5e| }} Special stuff.
{{5s| }} Skills.
---- Line. No text.
= = Big title. Lines.
== == Smaller title. Lines.
=== === Big title. No lines.
==== ==== Smaller title. No lines.
===== ===== Tiny title.
====== ====== Tiny sub-title
|trait#= Trait name.
|description#= Trait description.
{{5E|Darkvision}} Darkvision trait.
{{5e Darkvision}} Darkvision description.
{{quote| <-the quote-> |orig= |src=}} Quote.
{{5e|saving throws|saving throw}} saving throw
{{5e|damage resistance|resistance}} resistance
{{5e|Damage Vulnerability|vulnerable}} vulnerable
{{Design Note|Text}} Design Notes
# Numbers
* Bullets
: Tab

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