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D20M Breadcrumbs

D20 Campagin Settings

D20 Classes

D20 Advanced Class

D20 Base Classes

D20 Prestige Classes

D20 Creatures

D20 Equipment

D20 Feats

D20 Modern Rules

D20 NPCs

D20 Occupations

D20 Races

D20 Skills

D20 Vehicles

Dungeons and Dragons (3.5e Homebrew) Redirects

3.5e Maps (Maps)

DnD Campaign Setting Instructions (3.5e Campaign Settings)

DnD Deities (3.5e Deities)

Deities (3.5e Deities)

DnD Environments (3.5e Environments)

DnD Equipment (3.5e Equipment)

3.5e Adventuring Items (3.5e Adventuring Gear)

3.5e Magic Rings (3.5e Magical Rings)

3.5e Rings (3.5e Magical Rings)

User Adventuring Items (3.5e Adventuring Gear)

User Epic Armors (3.5e Epic Armors)

User Epic Armor Enhancements (3.5e Epic Armor Enhancements)

User Epic Cursed Items (3.5e Epic Cursed Items)

User Epic Flavor Treasure (3.5e Epic Flavor Treasure)

User Epic Food and Drink (3.5e Epic Food and Drink)

User Epic Magic Gauntlets (3.5e Epic Magic Gauntlets)

User Epic Potions and Oils (3.5e Epic Potions and Oils)

User Epic Rings (3.5e Epic Rings)

User Epic Rods (3.5e Epic Rods)

User Epic Shields (3.5e Epic Shields)

User Epic Shield Enhancements (3.5e Epic Shield Enhancements)

User Epic Traps (3.5e Epic Traps)

User Epic Vehicles (3.5e Epic Vehicles)

User Epic Weapons (3.5e Epic Weapons)

User Epic Weapon Enhancements (3.5e Epic Weapon Enhancements)

User Epic Wondrous Items (3.5e Epic Wondrous Items)

User Magical Armors (3.5e Magical Armors)

User Magical Armor Enhancements (3.5e Magical Armor Enhancements)

User Magical Cursed Items (3.5e Magical Cursed Items)

User Magical Flavor Treasure (3.5e Magical Flavor Treasure)

User Magical Food and Drink (3.5e Magical Food and Drink)

User Magical Magic Gauntlets (3.5e Magical Magic Gauntlets)

User Magical Potions and Oils (3.5e Magical Potions and Oils)

User Magical Rings (3.5e Magical Rings)

User Magical Rods (3.5e Magical Rods)

User Magical Shields (3.5e Magical Shields)

User Magical Shield Enhancements (3.5e Magical Shield Enhancements)

User Magical Vehicles (3.5e Magical Vehicles)

User Magical Weapons (3.5e Magical Weapons)

User Magical Weapon Enhancements (3.5e Magical Weapon Enhancements)

User Major Artifacts (3.5e Major Artifacts)

User Minor Artifacts (3.5e Minor Artifacts)

User Mundane Armor (3.5e Mundane Armor)

User Mundane Class Tools and Skill Kits (3.5e Mundane Tools and Skill Kits)

User Mundane Food and Drink (3.5e Mundane Food and Drink)

User Mundane Jewelry and Accessories (3.5e Mundane Jewelry and Accessories)

User Mundane Materials (3.5e Mundane Materials)

User Mundane Poisons (3.5e Mundane Poisons)

User Mundane Shields (3.5e Mundane Shields)

User Mundane Trade Goods (3.5e Mundane Trade Goods)

User Mundane Traps (3.5e Mundane Traps)

User Mundane Vehicles (3.5e Mundane Vehicles)

User Mundane Weapons (3.5e Mundane Weapons)

User Non-Magical/-Psionic Items (3.5e Non-Magical/-Psionic Items)

User Template Items (3.5e Template Items)

DnD NPCs (3.5e NPCs)

DnD Other (3.5e Other)

DnD Quests (3.5e Quests)

DnD Rules (3.5e Rules)

3.5e Variant Rules (3.5e Rules)

DnD Spells/Powers (3.5e Complex Special Ability Components)

3.5e Epic Spells (3.5e Epic Spells, Seeds, and Powers)

DnD Invocations (3.5e Invocations)

DnD Phantom Spells (3.5e Shadow Powers)

DnD Vestiges (3.5e Vestiges)

Epic Spells (3.5e Epic Spells, Seeds, and Powers)

Grim Alterations (3.5e Grim Alterations)

Impulses (3.5e Impulses)

Maneuvers (3.5e Maneuvers)

DnD Sourcebooks (3.5e Sourcebooks)

Those Without

3.5e Demonic Pacts

3.5e Diseases

3.5e Fiendish Gazes

3.5e Incantations

3.5e Mysteries

3.5e Optimized Character Builds

3.5e Paths of Shadow

3.5e Psionic Powers

3.5e Races

3.5e Spells

3.5e Spheres

Runes (3.5e Variant Rule)

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