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Maybe we should use dandwiki instead ... the moderators are very kind and very helpful ~ Sig
Isn't the point of the wiki for us to foster and support the creative spirit that roleplaying games represent? ~ Cotsu
Why let the dead rot? ~ An Undertaker
that's kinda the point, these point-based meter rules are ridiculous ~ Flamestarter

About me

I've been playing D&D since around 1998 with a little 2nd edition, mostly 3.5, and currently 5e.
I used to stream League of Legends on as MrBigShotFancyMan, but with a full house of kids I stopped in 2018.
Now I spend time developing a ttrpg of my own, playing Isometric Hack n' Slash ARPGs such as: Grim Dawn, Torchlight 2, Victor Vran, Wolcen, etc., World of Warcraft: Classic, Utopia-Game, and Good Game Empire.
As for the wiki, I thoroughly enjoy the creativity of the site and seeing other user's ideas come to life. If you aren't sure how to balance your 5e ideas, or you are lost with what next to do, or you've got "stubs" on your page that aren't being explained, ask me and I'll gladly help.
When I am not working on D&D stuff, a fire has been reignited to play an old text based web browser war game, Utopia. I also enjoy a good talk about this game too. A short description, every 3 months the game resets and you pick a race and class to work with other kingdom mates to attack and cast spells!

Article Spotlights

I recently started doing "Article Spotlights" in response to users feeling a bias towards which articles get attention. By being given a random article and reviewing it, I hope that users feel better that the wikians here help everyone and not just a few particular individuals. My goal is at least one article a month, but perhaps I will be able to do more. To check out articles I've done this for, click below:

Currently Playing

Sariel - High Elf, Warlock of the Great Old One (4)

DMing For


Retired Characters
  • Gideon Rosewood: Aasimar Monk Way of the Shadow/Rogue Swashbuckler/Warlock Hexblade [KIA]
Yuan-Ti Pureblood Rogue Way of the Shadow (Cross-Class Subclasses (5e Variant Rule)) ["replaced" Gideon]
  • Leeto: Aarocokra UA Ranger, Revised Hunter Conclave [deserted the party and campaign pause]
Artemas: Lorithil Elf, Level 10 Sorcerer Planeswalker/ Level 2 Rogue (replaced Leeto)

My Contributions

DM Tool

5e Random Magic Treasure


Little Pony (5e Race) - I watch this with my kids TOO much. I hope others enjoy this creation, which I really want to play as for funsies.
Mutant (5e Race) - basically mutants from comic books
Nephilim of Raziel (5e Race) - inspiration from The Shadowhunter Chronicles written by Cassandra Clare


Lorithil (5e Subrace) fiendish subrace for humanoids


Jedi (5e Class)
Abomination, Variant (5e Class) a super interesting class design, I can't wait to add more subclasses


School of Chronomancy (5e Subclass) for wizards
The Platinum Dragon (5e Subclass) for warlocks
Planeswalker (5e Subclass) for sorcerers
Shadowhunter (5e Subclass) for fighters

Prestige Class

Hidden Fist (5e Prestige Class) for rogues and monks


Magic Mortar and Pestle (5e Equipment)
-This idea was not my own. A "Paul W." from a Facebook group had the idea.
Lightsabers (5e Equipment)
Stele (5e Equipment)
Adamas (5e Equipment)
Seraph Blade (5e Equipment)
Deathcleaver (5e Equipment)
-created for Muama (5e Deity) by SirSprinkles

Backgrounds & Guilds

User:Revival/(5e Background)
Lollipop Guild (5e Guild)
Guild Design Preload

Homebrew Errata

Arcane Archer Arcane Shot (5e Class Feature) for Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Sorcerer Tides of Chaos, Variant

Others' Ideas I Contributed a Lot

Behemoth (5e Class)
Necromancer (5e Class)(withBlobby), Probably my favorite thing I've contributed/reworked.
Advanced Dwarven Mechanical Tank (5e Equipment)
Prismatic Barrier (5e Spell)

Others' Ideas Created into 5th Edition

Divine Ruin (5e Spell)

To Do

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Variant Rules I use

Things I've found to improve play at my group's table:
Cross-Class Subclasses (5e Variant Rule) test playing one of these options, not necessarily using it
Recipes (5e Variant Rule) a work in progress for those that wanna cook the creatures they kill

User:Revival/Prestige Class Design don't use yet, maybe

Fun and Interesting Pages

User:Kydo/5e Criticisms
Guy's 5e Criticisms
Just Don't

Sandbox, [[Image:Signature_icon.png]]
Article Spotlight
List of Racial Traits
Official 5e Races
Table Templates
{{Campaign Disclaimer|campaign setting=[[<!--insert campaign page-->}} So thankful for Blobby's help making this template that I never remember the format for so nice and easy to find. Special:MergeHistory [Special:ReplaceText] I don't want to lose these pages
Here is the code for using an external image: <div class="externalimage-holder" style="width:35%;float:right">{{5e Image|float:right;|link here|artist and link to them here}}</div>

User:Revival/5e Class

Fun and Interesting Edits

"game balance for guns comment"
No my idea of cleaning up, basic formatting preference
when personal preference becomes "fixing"
Meters in a nutshell

Gone Fishn’

[my first trout! So proud]

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