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A separate user space for variant rules I use at my table. Maybe another table would enjoy them.


I use 3e/3.5e rules for flanking to gain advantage. 5e version of who is engaged with who I find/found cumbersome and raising numerous question.

Critical Hits[edit]

When a hit is critical, the damage cannot be less than a max roll for a normal hit, so the damage die of the weapon is rolled and added to max damage for a regular hit. Example: A critical hit is scored with a greatsword. The damage would be 12 + your strength modifier + 2d6.
This ensures a player always feels rewarded for scoring a critical hit instead of being bummed they roll a 1 and deal 2 + ability modifier.


I started using this term to let players know how bad a monster was. Bloodied had gameplay mechanics in 4th edition that I think could still be used with 5th or other table top games. There are references to fast healing only working below half hit points, aka "Bloodied". So like I said, it is term and mechanic I find useful.

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